Voter centers open around Colorado for in-person voting

Early voting is underway across Texas, and voters are filing into the polls like never before in some counties.

You can vote in two different ways: by mail or in person.

Democrats are the largest voting bloc so far.

Debra O'Malley, a spokeswoman for Secretary of State Bill Galvin, says 252 out of 351 communities in the state will have early voting this upcoming weekend. "We need to get out and change that".

In recent years, the authors note some states have changed laws to make it easier to vote, while others have made it more hard. The other 38 states and the District of Columbia all allow some form of early voting.

May's order says that if there's a perceived signature mismatch on an absentee ballot, election officials must mark it as provisional. The decision was a victory for voting rights activists who feared the practice could disenfranchise thousands of eligible voters.

In Sebastian County, early voters numbered 1,512 this year, compared to 896 in 2014.

Early voting is ideal for people who can't or don't want to go to the polls on Election Day.

Laws governing early voting vary from state to state.

Travis County has this handy map that shows you how long the wait is at polling places around the county. Four weeks before Election Day, Georgia officials put over 53,000 voter applications on hold-an estimated 70 percent of them from African Americans-partly through the state's controversial "exact match" verification program.

It might seem odd to watch national news and see the issues rising already in some other states.

How can I tell if I'm registered to vote?

At the West Dade Regional Library in the GOP stronghold of Westchester, voters waved off campaign workers' candidate cards by announcing they were voting Republican all the way.

At the North Dade library in Miami Gardens, Fredricka Rhodriguez had to wait in a line that at one point stretched into the lobby.

Kemp, who is white, has promoted some of the most restrictive voting laws in the nation, including one new law known as "exact match" that requires the information provided on voter registration applications to exactly match existing driver and Social Security records.

Carolyn DeWitt, executive director of the nonprofit Rock the Vote, said millennials, or those ages 18-24, are more engaged this year. Since 1800, there have been only three midterms with turnout lower than in the last midterm in 2014, according to figures compiled by Michael McDonald, a political science professor at the University of Florida. "There's no reason for us not to".

Voters will cast ballots in contested races for US Senate, governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer, and state auditor, as well as a number of other contests, depending on where they live. The Times has created a trove of resources to help you do just that.

"I'm pleased with Trump and I like Ted Cruz", Alvin said. "As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down". "Of course I was in sheer disbelief".

Early voting for the November 6 general election began Monday throughout South Florida. That includes the FIU and MDC sites. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

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