Putin THREATENS retaliatory STRIKES on European nations who host U.S. missiles

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which was signed in 1987, mandated the elimination of short-range and intermediate-range nuclear and conventional missiles by both countries.

"And this agreement was confirmed by our President [Putin] during his conversation with Bolton", he said.

That trust proffered in a season of giving is now collapsing.

President Trump said the USA would not let Russian Federation "go out and do weapons [while] we're not allowed to". "But Russia has not, unfortunately, honored the agreement". "We practically haven't reacted to a single one of your steps but they just go on and on". "We're gonna pull out".

The European Union warned Trump of a potential impact on European security if he made a decision to go ahead and leave the INF treaty.

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), which won a Nobel Peace Prize past year, called on Berlin to intervene in the tug-of-war between the U.S. and Russian Federation. It required the inspection and destruction of that entire category of nuclear weapons, thousands of them. And though they are not formally part of the treaty, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have also destroyed their intermediate-range missiles.

Portsmouth was one of the targets on a Russian hit list for nuclear strikes in event of WW3 during the Cold War, The News revealed earlier this year.

But Trump did not rule out signing a new agreement with Moscow and Beijing if Russian Federation and China accept to stop developing such weapons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he would like to continue a dialogue with U.S. President Donald Trump despite what he described as unfriendly moves by Washington. Regardless of whatever threat the new Russian missiles may pose, many European leaders have objected to Trump's plan to withdraw from the treaty. Ideally, that would include a revised agreement, negotiated and enforced among all nuclear powers. Russian Federation disputes that charge, and Putin started off the meeting saying that United States sanctions and other actions against his country are "absolutely unprovoked". "Quitting the INF is a mistake".

Bolton added that he told the Russians: "You shouldn't meddle in our elections because you're not advancing Russian interest". "In return, rather than withdraw from the INF Treaty, the United States should ask to inspect the Russian 9M729 (SSC-8), which is the missile the United States claims violates the INF, and seek to negotiate a solution, if the missile is indeed found to violate the treaty".

A USA exit from the INF treaty would put another strain on NATO allies already shaken by Trump's demands for higher defense spending by the Europeans. "Regular high-level exchanges between the two countries in the last few years are a manifestation of mutual desire of both sides for translating political goodwill into a substantive and multidimensional partnership", he said. They maintain also that it feeds into the perception of a US leader eager to tear up treaties that he believes hamstring America. Republicans joined Democrats in saying the USA leader appeared weak at a time he should have projected strength against an adversary.

China was not a party to the original agreement, and Trump argued that it should be included in the treaty. Might they, too, be in peril?

At a NATO summit in the summer, all 29 allies, including the United States, reasserted they were "fully committed to the preservation of this landmark arms control treaty".

"These arsenals imperil not only Taiwan but USA bases and naval forces in the Western Pacific, especially as China becomes increasingly belligerent and politically assertive, as in the South China Sea", Mr. Bolton wrote at the time.

Mikhail Gorbachev has also said that Trump's plan was a mistake.

More broadly, there appears to be a major pivot underway in US arms control policy. It has been credited with largely eliminating nuclear weapons in Europe.

He said he had engaged in lengthy discussions with Putin about the planned USA withdrawal. It could also reach targets across Europe and even the USA west coast if stationed in Siberia.

  • Leroy Wright