Claims Jamal Khashoggi killed in a brawl draw global criticism

The Istanbul governor's office has put Cengiz, a Turkish national, under 24-hour police protection, Anadolu said. "Many questions remain unanswered".

According to Anadolu, a total of 23 consulate employees, including a driver, a technical officer, a switchboard operator, and an accountant spoke to the prosecutors last week.

The French presidency says France's President Emmanuel Macron and President Donald Trump shared their concerns about the circumstances that led to the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. "But we'll have to see how it goes during the meeting", the spokesman said.

"It sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers", Mr Trump said, adding: "Who knows?" "I do.' Touching down for a rally in Arizona, he said it was a "horrible event" and the investigation was a 'good first step".

Her foreign minister, Heiko Maas, had already said on Saturday that he now saw "no basis for decisions in favour of arms exports to Saudi Arabia".

The official Saudi Press Association reported that Crown Prince Mohammed called Kashoggi's eldest son, Salah Khashoggi, to express his condolences.

Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister formally acknowledged on air that the killing of Khashoggi was a "tremendous mistake".

Kushner, who has cultivated a close partnership with the heir to the Saudi throne, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, said he has advised him to be "fully transparent".

Other Saudi officials have been clear in their claims that the royal family had no knowledge of the death.

German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier underlined that point Monday, calling for a joint European position as Germany "won't at this point approve any further arms exports because we want to know what happened". Madani is alleged to be part of the 15-man hit squad who came to the consulate to kill the WaPo columnist. Footage from later in the day appears to show him leaving the consulate dressed as Khashoggi, but wearing the same pair of trainers that he had arrived in. Turkish sources say the authorities have an audio recording purportedly documenting Khashoggi's murder inside the consulate.

Erdogan has said he will release information about Turkey's investigation in a speech on Tuesday. King Salman, 82, has handed the day-to-day running of Saudi Arabia to him.

"We will ultimately make our judgment based on the credibility of the further explanation we receive about what happened and our confidence that such a shameful event can not and will not ever be repeated". He said massive USA investments in the kingdom and elsewhere in the region only cause chaos.

"Obviously, if [the crown prince] has gone forth and murdered this journalist, he's now crossed the line, and there has to be a punishment and a price paid for that", said Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has said Riyadh's explanation of Khashoggi's death is insufficient. A total of 18 suspects are being held in connection with the case, state media in the kingdom reported.

  • Leroy Wright