At least 1 victor in record Mega Millions jackpot

According to the official website of the South Carolina Education Lottery, one winning ticket was sold.

"They come out of the woodwork", said Tina Whitney, an employee at Elmer's County Market service center. "I'm pretty excited. And if you don't play, you can't win, so, you gotta try, right?" The news was announced shortly before 1 a.m. Even highly taxed states like NY show figures cresting a billion dollars after 30 years of payments.

"Ah man, I'm off", Andrew Langford said. Your odds don't increase purchasing one or 10 or 50, they don't increase. It will be the largest lottery prize in United States history when someone finally hits it and will join five other top 10 drawings in the last three years.

Ruckel said the crush of publicity that falls on a lottery victor is something that most people do not usually experience, even those with a high net-worth.

All states haven't reported in yet, so there could be more winners. If there is no winning ticket, the prize will keep building and could reach around $2 billion by the next drawing.

Only one of those tickets was sold in the Bay Area.

The winning numbers for Tuesday's drawing were: 28-70-5-62-65 with a Mega Ball of 5. "Like today ... every single sale I've had has literally had a Mega Millions ticket attached to it". The drawing takes place at 11 p.m. Eastern. And that's exactly when we found out about SC.

Only three other Mega Millions grand prizes have been won this year - $451 million in Florida on January 4, $533 million in New Jersey on March 30 and $142 million in OH on May 4.

If you hit the $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot, you could buy 40 fantastic mansions in the sky inside a Manhattan high-rise.

The nation's largest lottery jackpots have rolled for a few months.

As the numbers work out, that would mean there was a 25 percent chance of no one being chose a victor, at which point there would be another drawing three days later for a prize even larger than the $1.6 billion - although the exact number hasn't been announced. Sadly, we won't be seeing those numbers.

Lottery officials said the cash payout is $913 million for the victor of Tuesday's jackpot, per the San Francisco Chronicle.

Disappointed players are already taking to Twitter to share their sadness about not winning and becoming a billionaire tonight.

Mega Millions is played in 44 states as well as Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

But winning the jackpot can also go the other way.

That's the value if the victor or winners select annuity payments. You then have 180 days to claim your prize in Tallahassee at the lottery office.

  • Zachary Reyes