Native Americans React to Elizabeth Warren's DNA Test

Warren, who President Trump has nicknamed "Pocahontas" because of her claims to be part Indian, on Monday released results from a DNA test that showed she is anywhere from 1.5% to.09% Native American (and also showed she's 98.5% to 99.1% white, with European ancestors).

President Trump described how he would surprise Sen.

Trump's racism is obvious. "Then on top of that, using it as a derisive term to put someone down, it's a racial slur". In fact, says Tsosie, such declarations are often a painful reminder that Native American tribes were forcibly removed from their land, subjected to rape, and died of genocide.

During Wednesday's reporter roundtable, McConnell also weighed in on the upcoming midterm elections, saying he believes the Kavanaugh confirmation was a shot in the arm for Republican enthusiasm which will pay bigger dividends "the redder the state is". At the time, Harvard was under heavy criticism that its faculty was too white and male.

She's a progressive Democrat, and her base holds her to a higher standard.

Later in the day, President Trump followed up by saying his donation was contingent on Warren winning the nomination for 2020.

"Even in 1907, people were proud of that Indian heritage", said Bob Blackburn, executive director of the Oklahoma Historical Society, referring to the year Indian Territory was dissolved and became part of the new 46th state of Oklahoma.

If someone knows or thinks they have distant Native American ancestry, that's no license to walk up to a Native American person and declare a "shared" genetic link.

In a country sensitive to the opportunism of appropriation and incessant culture wars, Warren did not impress. How can one measure that? If the public found that she really was Native American, would that entitle her to the historic tribal victimization and allow her to gain political capital? What is the impact other than to alienate Native Americans who do not accept her claim?

Some people have defended Warren, however.

Even the Cherokee Nation broke her claims with the following statement: "A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship".

Earlier this week, Warren released details of her background, including a DNA analysis that revealed she had at least one Indian ancestor between six and ten generations ago, meaning she is between one-64th and one-1,024th Cherokee.Speaking to Fox and Friends, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham announced that he would take his own DNA test.

The samples chosen to compare Warren's DNA was of Peruvian, Colombian, and Mexican DNA, meaning the proof does not definitively say Cherokee, just that she had, at one point, a Native American relative. "After relentless taunts by President Trump over Senator Elizabeth Warren's claims of Native American ancestry ..."

However, there are three takeaways here. If anything, you've proven, yet again, the left has a selective outrage problem that will not be fixed in the near future. By doing so, she was deemed a "minority law professor", which helped her law professor career.

Were her traditions, her values, her relationships entrenched in Native American tradition?

  • Leroy Wright