Canada becomes second country to legalize marijuana nationwide

He plans to frame it.

"I am going to frame it and hang it on my wall", said Power, 46.

He has also said that his late brother, Michel, was facing marijuana possession charges for a "tiny amount" of cannabis before his death in an avalanche in 1998 and that this influenced his decision to propose legalizing cannabis.

The federal government promises it will soon be quicker - and less expensive - to obtain a criminal pardon for previous convictions of simple pot possession. In the Netherlands, where marijuana tourism is rampant in Amsterdam, weed is in fact illegal, but personal use has been decriminalized. MI and North Dakota are the only states this year deciding on the legalization of recreational marijuana this November election. "Our kids are going to inherit this system, for better or worse, and I thought it was important for them to see this sea change in Canadian society".

The entry into force of the Cannabis Act makes Canada only the second nation after Uruguay to legalise the drug.

While President Donald Trump has said he would likely support a congressional effort to ease the federal prohibition, his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is a marijuana critic and legalization opponent.

Cannabis products have a wide range of medical benefits and can "really disrupt" the health care market, Linton said. "By giving adults a regulated legal alternative we believe we can make our communities safer".

"It was extremely emotional", he said. My life's work has been validated.

"We've been working for a number of years to be ready for this moment", Mark Zekulin told Cheddar's CannaBiz. He made the first sale to his dad.

"I am living my dream".

The Montreal store has a long counter with products behind it.

The Ontario Cannabis Store website - which offers different types of pot with names such as Easy Cheesy, Super Sonic and Shiskaberry - garnered mixed early reviews on social media, with some praising the website's simple design while others complained about high prices.

Mulroney served as Canada's prime minister from 1984 to 1993.

Canadians across the country woke up to legalized recreational cannabis this morning, marking a seismic shift in drug policy and making Canada one of the few countries around the world to do so.

The AP reported that more than 100 legal pot shops are expected to open on Wednesday.

Alberta and Quebec have set the minimum age for purchase at 18, others at 19. Ontario, for example, does not have a store, meaning weed can only be purchased online.

The provinces and territories will be responsible for setting rules for sales and distribution, which has led to a patchwork of regulations across the country. Some are operating government-run stores, some are allowing private retailers, some both.

The day was historic for the country as adult Canadians will be able to legally smoke recreational marijuana after almost a century-long ban.

Nine U.S. states have legalized recreational use of pot, and more than 30 have approved medical marijuana.

State laws vary in the United States but because USA federal law is clear that marijuana is illegal, that means that even going from, say, Vancouver to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), is risky.

This is the day marijuana advocates and cannabis users have been waiting for.

"I could say inside there it's very professional, they have everything laid out very well in the store", said Alexis Freeman outside Tweed's Osborne Village location.

"When the law changes on the 17th, we're not going to see a big change overnight", Palmer said. Orders will be mailed out within 48 business hours, according to the province, and delivered by Canada Post. "The list goes on", she said.

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