"Bring your rage": Witches plan to hex Brett Kavanaugh in public ritual

Thousands of self-described witches will gather in Brooklyn later this week to try and put a hex on newly sworn in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct.

The hex against Kavanaugh is about "exacting justice that would otherwise be denied to you", Bracciale said, and meant to be cathartic for survivors of sexual assault. The same five conservatives also voted together, over protests from the four liberals, to reverse a four-decade court precedent involving non-member fees for labor union collective bargaining.

In the past, witches across the country have hexed President Donald Trump. "Witchcraft has always been practiced by people who are cast out, harmed by society and have to make their own way", Bracciale said. Little wonder many women are seething.

While numerous results in the poll fall along familiar partisan lines, it also found that political independents are more suspicious than supportive of the new justice.

The court has a shared commitment to an exchange of views, and works in a collegial manner, he said.

Swetnik said that Kavanaugh was present at a party where such an incident happened to her, personally, in approximately 1982.

At a White House ceremony Monday night, President Trump apologized to the new justice for "the bad pain and suffering" he and his family were "forced to endure".

The nonpartisan Center for Responsible Politics estimates that 2018 will be the most expensive midterm Congressional elections, with a record $5.2 billion in spending, due to an "astonishing spike in campaign donations".

When asked about how he thinks Republicans will fair in the upcoming November election, Graham said "everything is breaking our way". But some Democrats running for office this year have called for a new face at the top, echoing the complaints of rank-and-file Democratic lawmakers who say generational change is needed.

Democrats have distanced themselves from some of the more fiery rhetoric from their side of the aisle, including former Attorney General Eric Holder's suggestion that Democrats should "kick" back. Secrecy and deception appear to be the norm for the Republican members of the committee.

One is currently held by Republican Dean Heller in Nevada, and the other is now held by Democrat Claire McCaskill in Missouri, both of whom are seeking re-election.

De León also said he would "unquestionably" support further investigation into the allegations. Susan Collins' impressive, well-researched speech on the Senate floor and her historic vote in favor of confirming an impeccably qualified nominee.

  • Leroy Wright