Lady Gaga once performed in her underwear to keep frat boys quiet

Speaking of the Streisand version, Cooper's film makes many obvious nods to it: Jackson's Kris Kristofferson look; an examination of Gaga's big attractive nose (just like Streisand's) and even a moment including fake eyebrows.

Bradley Cooper - rugged, normally drunk and talented as-can-be, takes on the role of smooth-talking rock star Jack. Lady Gaga, legend that she is, would never be caught dead looking so tepid.

And yet the character is faking it. And those shows go over fine.

Gaga is vocal about her career in music being the result of a lack of success in film. To be herself. She stops being herself and wins a Grammy and his reaction is the climax of the action. (And his actions are not always easy to watch.) With the assistance of a hotshot producer (Rafi Gavron), Ally gets a music career of her own, and the image makeover she undergoes does not sit well with her beau. Gaga chomps into the role of emerging singer-songwriter Ally with the ravenous passion of a performer out to prove doubters wrong.

"The Barbara version was the one that turned a corner where the first two were about actresses going to the Oscars, and the next two are about singers going to the Grammy's in their films", notes Jay. Cooper acknowledges the prior films without stealing from them; fans of that version will appreciate what they see here. It's the seventies, after all; a time when it nearly seemed as though people were accidentally making B movies on objective.

Warner Bros.' romantic drama "A Star Is Born" opened second with an estimated 41.25 million dollars in its first weekend, well above expectations. The film, loosely based on the book "Yeti Tracks" by Sergio Pablos, follows a group of Himalayan Yeti who come across a human, with each species thinking the other was just a myth. The songs are OK here. Here, you'll find blaring blues-rockers, tender acoustic ballads, anthemic torch songs, as well as 2 super pop songs. You've got to be Jimmy Webb to get away with that many unrelieved ballads.

Through a drunken (on Jack's part) twist of fate, the two fuse together in a drag bar during an ethereal rendition of La Vie En Rose, courtesy of Ally. The way she says # 8220; it's okay it's okay with a tear flowing from her left eye says a lot about the passion she had in her to act. Then, he's back on the road, and she's back home with her crusty limo driver dad (Andrew Dice Clay) and her job waiting tables. We had yet to walk into the theater and the movie was already off to a great start.

It is hard to tell stories of troubled relationships such as Ally and Jackson's without demonizing either party. The two hit it off immediately and Jackson asks Ally to perform with him. The repetition of reliance on close-ups with the increasing poverty of the original musical material all serves to make the viewer care less and less as the movie goes on. Cooper's direction shows an unexpectedly deft hand, even if he does linger a little too long on his own character's final downfall.

Not that it is very bad. I'm sure people will not remember her just for singing and performing on stage.

  • Salvatore Jensen