GOP ramps up election-season warning of 'toxic' Dem tactics

Grassley, in an interview with Fox News' Martha MacCallum on Tuesday, said he'd adhere to a "pledge" he made back in 2016 during the stalled confirmation process of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. He predicted that could "cause real problems for the Democrats' chances of taking over the House". And even before the Kavanaugh controversy, the Senate race there was among a handful of close contests that could decide whether Republicans keep control of the Senate, where they have a 51-49 majority.

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court fired the starting pistol for the final sprint to Election Day, with control of the House and Senate at stake. The president told the press that her constituents in Alaska will "never forgive her" for her vote and that "she will never recover from this". "I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of that vote". Were it thrust upon the country suddenly by fiat, many Americans would be uneasy, as were even many Democrats in the 1930s with Franklin Roosevelt's court-enlargement plan. Chuck Grassley, who has served on the Senate Judiciary Committee since arriving in the Senate in 1981, is leaving open the possibility that he will relinquish his chairmanship.

President Trump took the rare step of publishing an op-ed in USA Today slamming universal medicare proposals, or Medicare for All, as an extremist proposal fashioned by progressive Democrats.

Jason Perry, the head of the Hinckley Institute, based at the University of Utah, said Trump continues to see consistent numbers out of Utah surveys but that they're not as good as other Republican presidents have seen. The policies are for people who don't get coverage at work. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Marco Rubio, evidence of diversity within the GOP ranks, but noted that attracting black voters has been a bigger challenge. "That is what they would like to get people to buy into, and it's just fundamentally not true". The short-term insurance also doesn't have to cover a menu of services like prescription drugs and could cap beneficiaries' benefits. Republicans have said some received death threats and were stalked at their homes. Trump has said Alaskans will make her pay. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., who had recently died.

On its face, Wednesday's fight was over repealing Trump's new rules. For some voters this may be the defining issue. This, their thinking goes, is what voters really care about.

Trump said in 2016 that he'd release his tax returns after the IRS was done auditing them, and White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters last week that "a number of his taxes are still under audit". "But this is the first time in Gallup's trend since 1994 that both parties have expressed high enthusiasm".

Clearing the judicial nominees provided a signature walk-off for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has focused on reshaping the judiciary with more conservative judges. It is important to realize that Ford's testimony was not to bring charges to the table, simply to say that a man was not a fit candidate for the highest court in the land.

Wednesday - The court will also hear a case that asks what can be used to detain undocumented immigrants during deportation. They've aimed it in recent days at Sen. He did so while simultaneously mocking Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA and saying that should she win the Democratic nomination in 2020 and they were to debate, he would toss an ancestry test to her and dare her to take it.

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