Theresa May calls for cohesion over Brexit

But while Johnson may be holding his fire on the leadership bid for now, he gave both barrels to May's Brexit plan and set out his vision for the Conservative Party - one that returned to its traditional values of low taxes and a strong police.

But did it succeed? But as she emerged to the strains of her favourite song, Abba's Dancing Queen, she looked like she was having the time of her life. "If the Prime Minister wants to back up her words with action, Philip Hammond should announce immediately that the cuts scheduled for the next four years will be cancelled".

The driving message of the speech was unity. "This is not the time for the party or the country to be divided", said Faye Purbrick, 41, from Somerset, western England. "Now politicians should support her to get a deal - and the critical withdrawal agreement - over the line".

Appealing to voters tired of belt-tightening, she said: "Because you made sacrifices, there are better days ahead".

Despite the pressure on all sides, May has supporters in the party and Brussels who believe any alternative to her plan would make matters far worse.

Mrs May and her team face weeks of hard conversations with Brussels to win a deal, but she also faces challenges from inside her own party and from her partners in parliament, Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party. Would Jim Callaghan... ask the Russian government to confirm the findings of our own intelligence department?

She attacked Corbyn personally over his handling of Labour's anti-Semitism crisis and his response to the Salisbury chemical weapons attack, when he appeared to cast doubt on the intelligence services' assessment that Russian Federation was behind it. A party of patriotism but not nationalism. "No, because I think we probably can't have the self-indulgence of a leadership challenge".

A year ago everything that could go wrong did go wrong, with May struggling to make her speech because of a throat infection, and suffering of the platform backdrop falling apart.

But Mr Dodds told ITV's Robert Peston the idea would not work - despite rumours Britain is prepared to make concessions to get closer to the European Union position.

The EU has rejected her proposed deal and demanded new ideas from Britain. They felt like a government party in waiting.

THERESA May has nicked Jeremy Corbyn's campaign slogan - rejigging it to tell her party she wants "everyone" in Britain.

"Our mission as Conservatives must be to show them that we can build an economy that does". No one knows yet how many have already submitted their requests.

But then there's her u-turn to lifting the cap on local government borrowing. "Fuel duty, May promised, will be frozen in next month's budget, because 'For millions of people their vehicle is not a luxury, it's a necessity".

She revealed a new cancer strategy funded by the extra £394 million per week that was announced earlier this year as the NHS turned 70.

"A decade after the financial crash, people need to know that the austerity it led to is over", she said, claiming that debt levels would continue to fall but public service spending would increase. "But if we stick together and hold our nerve I know we can get a deal that delivers for Britain".

There is belief most of Theresa May's party will support her over Brexit.

"So when we've secured a good Brexit deal for Britain, at the spending review next year we will set out our approach for the future".

On Tuesday, former foreign secretary and leading Brexiteer Boris Johnson had urged Conservatives to "chuck Chequers" and completely break with the EU.

It continued: "By publicly pretending to back Theresa May after verbally chucking her under the bus, he showed himself as a yellow-bellied coward. Later: Even if we do not all agree on every part of this proposal, we need to come together". So, it is no surprise that we have had a range of different views expressed this week.

  • Zachary Reyes