Sen. Collins to reveal how she'll vote on Kavanaugh

US Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said the row over Mr Kavanaugh's confirmation will help his party retain control of the Senate.

Even before the sexual assault charges surfaced, Democrats in the Republican-controlled Senate were fighting hard to stop Kavanaugh, saying his conservative judicial philosophy could result in rolling back abortion rights, gay rights and protections for immigrants. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, said Friday she would be voting against Kavanaugh.

A few hundred protesters are gathering outside the Capitol before the vote.

About 100 anti-Kavanaugh protesters climbed the Capitol's East Steps as the vote approached, pumping fists and waving signs. Protesters roamed Capitol Hill corridors and grounds daily, chanting, "November is coming", "Vote them out", and "We believe survivors".

Joe Manchin, Democrat from West Virginia, has announced that he is going to vote "yes" to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Some Democrats are blaming Michael Avenatti, the attorney who represented Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick, for making the case against Kavanaugh less powerful, as she ultimately faced questions about her credibility when she appeared to walk back some of her previous statements and it appeared she had a history of legal disputes. Seeing all the anti-Kavanaugh demonstrators, she says, makes her feel confident about the next generation and the upcoming midterm elections.

The Senate is poised on Saturday to confirm Kavanaugh as an associate justice. Two other women also emerged and accused him of other incidents of sexual misconduct.

Many have criticized the investigation for not being taken seriously enough and claim that the FBI did not interview enough people. The Senate Judiciary Committee says the Federal Bureau of Investigation also interviewed two alleged eyewitnesses to the incident named by Ramirez and one of her college friends.

Shortly before the vote, Trump said Kavanaugh "will be a great justice of the Supreme Court". That procedure lets a senator offset another's absence without affecting the outcome, and allowed Kavanaugh to win by the same two-vote margin he'd have received had both lawmakers voted. In 1881, Justice Stanley Matthews prevailed in a vote of 24-23. Republicans a year ago successfully stalled the process, meaning it fell to Mr Trump, not Barack Obama, to nominate the new justice. Mr Kavanaugh actually only needed a 50-50 vote, as that would have forced a tie-breaker in his favour from Mr Pence. "I look forward to his confirmation to the Supreme Court". He's widely known as a fair, smart, and independent judge, and he has the qualifications and experience necessary to ably serve on the Supreme Court.

The first lady is wrapping up a four-country tour of Africa.

While Collins acknowledged that Blasey Ford's testimony was honest, painful and compelling, and that the accuser is a sexual assault survivor, she added that "I do not believe that these charges can fairly prevent Judge Kavanaugh from serving on the court".

"Before left-wing outside groups and Democratic leaders had him in their sights, Judge Kavanaugh possessed an impeccable reputation and was held in high esteem by the bench and the bar alike", Grassley said. Kavanaugh denies the accusation.

  • Leroy Wright