Brett Kavanaugh Sworn In to U.S. Supreme Court As Protestors Chant

It was to fill the seat held by Anthony Kennedy, known as a "swing justice", and Kavanaugh's vote could tilt the court to the right because he is expected to consistently vote with the Court's four conservatives.

Either way, Kavanaugh's appointment will shift the balance of power to conservatives for decades to come.

"I do not believe that Brett Kavanaugh was her assailant", Collins said on CNN's "State of the Union".

Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as US Supreme Court justice on Saturday, the court said, after a deeply divided US Senate confirmed him to the court and Republicans dismissed accusations of sexual misconduct against the conservative judge. "What she did was to come forward and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and agree to cooperate with any investigation by the FBI and that's what she sought to do here", Katz said.

Unpopular overall and a factor for the midterms: Even before the sexual misconduct allegations against him, Kavanaugh had been polling as one of the least popular Supreme Court nominees in recent times However, a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found that amid the Kavanaugh controversy, the gap in the enthusiasm between Republicans and Democrats for the midterms has closed.

Critics have objected to Kavanaugh over his sexual assault allegations, as well as his record and statements that have been widely regarded as partisan.

She acknowledged the anguish of the protesters who interrupted the historic Senate vote, telling reporters afterwards: "I was closing my eyes and praying - praying for them, praying for us and praying for the country".

Comparing the Bork and Kavanaugh fights, Leo said that the biggest difference might have been the 24-7 cycle of news moving across multiple cable outlets and social media networks that didn't exist 30 years ago.

Republicans had accused Democrats of seeking to delay the confirmation of Kavanaugh in the hope that they will make gains in the mid-term elections in November and stop his appointment altogether.

"There were enough other aspects and allegations and reports that we wanted the FBI to investigate", Hirono replied to Bash.

If senators do not change their voting intentions, Judge Kavanaugh will be appointed to the top United States court.

Millions of people inside U.S. and overseas watched live on their television sets the open hearing of Kavanaugh and his first accuser Christine Ford, a professor in California. But Senate Republicans were satisfied with the investigation, and on Friday morning senators voted on cloture - that is, whether to limit debate on the nomination and require a final vote within 30 hours.

Republicans confirmed Kavanaugh without Murkowski's help, thanks to the support of her close friend and fellow centrist, Senator Susan Collins. Joe Manchin of West Virginia was the only Democrat to vote in favor of confirmation.

But even if there was little suspense at Saturday's final vote, there was still plenty of theater, both inside and outside the Capitol.

Pointing to television footage of protesters outside the Capitol, he said their numbers paled in comparison to the thousands of supporters awaiting him in Kansas.

Demonstrators protest against Kavanaugh in front of the Supreme Court.

The New York Democrat also blasted the "biased, unfair" confirmation process and urged Americans to vote.

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Kavanaugh was sworn in as a justice on Saturday evening in Washington.

Of the nine-members on the powerful Supreme Court bench, two of the judges Kavanagh and Neil Gorsuch - have been nominated by Trump.

Then, during Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, Republicans have claimed to hear and see no evil as their nominee shed any pretence of impartiality and raved about a conspiracy to block his confirmation by "leftwing opposition groups" and those angry "about President Trump and the 2016 election". The names of the senators were called one by one, with each senator standing to cast his or her vote.

The 50-48 senate vote marked the end of a bitter, high-profile battle between Democrats and Republicans.

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