Federal Bureau of Investigation has reached out to Kavanaugh accuser Deborah Ramirez

But it's hard to forget.

MAK: Flake also said he wasn't the only one with reservations. Maria Gallagher shouted at Flake.

MAK: You know, I asked him that exact question, and he said he couldn't pinpoint the precise reason why he chose to negotiate this compromise.

"That's what you're telling all women in America - that they don't matter, they should just keep it to themselves", one of the protesters shouted at the Senator, a frequent Trump critic who looked shaken by the encounter.

During his testimony, Kavanaugh repeatedly said Keyser, and two other people, had disputed Blasey's allegations. Republicans on the Judiciary Committee released a document detailing their investigative work that showed they had interviewed two men who said they believed that they, not Judge Kavanaugh, assaulted Ford. She described "uproarious laughter" by Kavanaugh and Judge, who has said he doesn't recall such an incident.

Flake said their "poignant" accounts came after he and other lawmakers saw an emotional and widespread response to Ford's testimony Thursday. "And then the U.S. Senate as an institution - we're coming apart at the seams", Flake said, echoing remarks he made when he announced his retirement.

With the hearing well underway, Sen.

"I was sexually assaulted and nobody believed me". But the attorney emphasized that Keyser has no recollection of the party where Ford alleges Kavanaugh assaulted her.

She begged Flake to look her in the eye.

"You don't just get sad and move on, you've gotta stand up and fight", she said. "They may have been there prior to the allegations against him because of his position on some issues".

"Not even a little bit", Trump said on Friday.

More than 20 million people watched Thursday's hearing on the accusations of sexual assault facing Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh. Hours later, Trump ordered an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh upon Republican Sen.

Flake was later asked whether the elevator confrontation swayed him. My hope is that some Democrats will say "Hey, we may not change our vote, but this process was worthy of the institution, and we feel satisfied". "I can't pinpoint anything to say this is what caused me to come today to say let's postpone".

He called for a one-week delay in order for the FBI to conduct the investigation Democrats have been demanding for days, a proposal that gained quick support from all four of the senators who remain publicly undecided on Kavanaugh: Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, and Democrats Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin.

Later that day on Twitter, Archila shared a photo of her and Gallagher. "It was incredible. It was an incredible moment, I think, in the history of our country", he told reporters during a media appearance with the visiting Chilean President Sebastian Pinera in the Oval Office.

The new timeline puts Trump's nominee in further peril and pushes the politically risky vote for senators closer to the November congressional elections. She told her story for the first time. She said she didn't tell anyone before this week.

Flake conceded that opponents of Kavanaugh's confirmation may try to use the delay to dig up more dirt on him. "What are you doing, sir?" "So keep reaching out because we hear you and we need to keep hearing from you".

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