Federal Bureau of Investigation sought interview with Brett Kavanaugh accuser Friday night

Returning from the hidden arm-twisting effort, Flake told the committee that he would vote to move the nomination to the full Senate but was asking Republican leaders to delay a full Senate vote until the FBI investigates -- with a one-week deadline - sexual harassment accusations made against Kavanaugh.

I can't tell if "dangerous" there merely means politically unsafe, i.e. a risk to overturn Roe (which any Republican nominee would be), or if he's suggesting that Kavanaugh is not only presumed guilty of sexual misconduct but that the presumption is irrebuttable.

Soon after Republican Sen.

Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, the senior Democrat on the committee, has said he believes Ford's allegations are true and that there should be an FBI investigation prior to a vote. That investigation must be "completed in less than one week", the president said through a tweet posted by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "And we have to ensure that we do due diligence here". "They could wrap everything".

"These people can yell all they want to".

During Thursday's hearing, Democrats repeatedly peppered Kavanaugh with questions about whether he would support an FBI investigation.

Mr Trump's nomination of Mr Kavanaugh, a conservative federal appeals court judge, for a lifetime job on the top U.S. court had appeared to be going along smoothly until Ms Ford's allegation surfaced last week.

Ford's sister-in-law, Sandra Mendler, also said she wept from watching her testimony. But it returned when Senator Chuck Grassley delayed the committee's vote amid speculation that something was going on involving discussions just outside the hearing room involving Flake and committee Democrats.

"If the Federal Bureau of Investigation or any law enforcement agency requests Mr. Judge's cooperation, he will answer any and all questions posed to him", attorney Barbara Van Gelder said. "I've done everything they have requested and will continue to cooperate", Kavanaugh said.

Republican Whip John Cornyn told reporters as he left that the next order of business would be a vote on Saturday at noon on a motion to proceed to debate on the nomination.

"I'll be totally reliant on what they decide to do", he said.

But they'll need to debunk or corroborate claims Kavanaugh attempted to rape a 15-year-old Blasey Ford while they were all in high school, exposed himself at Yale University or was part of a gang rape in high school - allegations the judge called a "joke", a "farce" and a "search and destroy" hit on his cherished reputation.

Whitehouse reminded the audience of Ford's testimony where she alleges that both Kavanaugh and Judge were drunk and that "she had a beer".

FBI Director Christopher Wray meets with Sen.

"That is what binds us to the rule of law", he said. Blasey had also called for an investigation before she would testify but ultimately agreed to move forward with Thursday's hearing.

In her Senate appearance Thursday, Ford lamented her foggy memory but offered up a clue - an encounter with Judge at a supermarket he worked at an estimated six to eight weeks after the alleged attack.

"I am innocent of this charge", Kavanaugh said. The FBI may have better luck.

The scope of the investigation - which will look into claims dating back 36 years - is unusual for an FBI background check.

  • Leroy Wright