Google Search Overhauled With Google Lens, Discovery Tools And Media-Heavy Results

Ben Gomes, vice president of Search, News and Assistant at Google, said the aim of the updates was to keeping improving the search engine for the next 20 years.

Google's also taking more of an effort to highlight video content with a new "featured videos" card that will appear on some searches. It was the service that really put Google on the map.

Google will help you convert just about anything.

The shift from text to a more visual way of finding information: Google plans to bring more visual content to Search and "completely redesign Google Images" to make finding information easier. Going forward, Search will rely more heavily on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the overall goal of enhancing the search experience for users. Google also points out that we've now reached a point where neural networks can help the company take major leaps forward from understanding words to understanding concepts. What comes up on our news feed may or may not pop up in your friend's news feed. You can follow any topic that looks interesting.

The video has shown several searches such as Nachun Kaise, profecia maya 2018, royal wedding 2011, how to pronounce 'gif ', how do you make avocado toast in various languages Hindi, Japanese, English and others.

You should be able to see this AMP story right now by clicking here on your mobile device. Couldn't get any better than this, no? Google will hopefully fix it soon, but all I see is the first screen and instructions asking me to tap to go to the next screen. Lastly, Discover will not only be in the Google app. Instead, it is going to be news-oriented.

Also Google will add the search to the selected videos related to the topic.

On another end, Google Images is getting an overhaul. Google Images will be equipped with Google Lens now. In addition to this, Google has updated its Knowledge Graph to show you more relevant topics that you may explore next.

For another fun Easter egg, you can do a sort of scavenger hunt through the original Google garage using Google Street View.

To further facilitate and expedite how users search for the information that they need, an activity card will now appear as a thin strip above their searches which will basically contain information about their previous searches and related ones as well.

Discover is available to the left of the first home screen on many Android phones, but some large OEMs like Samsung and LG replace Discover with something of their own design that's less useful.

On a lighter note, Happy 20th Google!

  • Arturo Norris