Google unveils changes to Search

Google Search is the company's flagship product.

Furthermore, the company will suggest content that it thinks might be useful for your search. "A year ago alone, we ran more than 200,000 experiments that resulted in 2,400+ changes to search", Gomes explains.

Featured Videos is another new feature. "This will be rolling out over the next few weeks", Google said in a statement. Earlier, the feed, now called Discover, appeared only on Google's own browser, Chrome.

"W$3 e're giving the feed a name that reflects this mission: Discover".

New functions will also allow us to continue research on a number of days, with easily of side sites already visited, such as when preparing a trip, for example. Google monitors what responses people click on, assuming those are more relevant and of higher value, and returning them more prominently in future searches on that topic.

The more that people entrust computer-based systems with organizing culture and society, the more they should demand those systems function according to rules humans can comprehend.

The Images overhaul includes carousels of online video clip highlights displayed with mobile search query results.

Right off the top, you'll now be greeted with topic headers above each section of Discover.

The video ends with a grateful thank you note from Google.

Discover provides a wide variety of different news sources and searches in multiple languages.

Image Search is improved with a new ranking algorithm to help ensure image results are relevant. To begin with, Google is using AI to construct AMP stories focusing on celebrities and athletes. Furthermore, Google Lens will head Images results, which will give you a chance to tap on a picture to perceive what Google believes is the most "fascinating" some portion of each photo.

Google Lens will be integrated into the image search.

(Credit: Screenshot by 3.

What was your first Google Search? You can find your search history in account settings and access it while searching. But, did you ever wonder, why this widely read, most searched and a highly recommended tool called "Google"? The main objective of revamping the search engine is to assist its users while they conduct long-term queries that can not be answered by a solitary search. As a bonus, they can get any topic that appears on their activity card and add to their collection's menu. It looks a little bit like Pinterest boards. Suggestions pop up in Collections too, so you can dive deeper. And now comes Google Discover as the stream of informative cards inside the Google app gets another rebranding.

The key focus seems to be around surfacing more videos and fresh visual content and what Google claims to be evergreen content, described as articles and videos, that aren't new to the web.

The last date for the submission of the theme based Doodle is October 6 till 10:00pm Indian Standard Time (IST).

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