Amazon Echo Show Gets New Look, Skype Integration

Research placed Amazon's Echo Dot in second place and together they accounted for some 38% of all smart speaker sales during the period. This is due to the new fabric-based look.

There's no question that the Amazon Echo is a brilliant device but one of its issues is that it simply doesn't sound very good.

According to the product description, the Amazon Echo Sub is a 110W 6-inch subwoofer. You'll get visual feedback, on the screen, for other things too, such as when you ask the Assistant to add appointments to your calendar.

The Echo Input is meant to be plugged into speakers you already own. It has an eight-microphone array created to handle background noise. The $34.99 device will be available later this year.

The redesigned Echo Plus has little in the way of design changes and looks more or less the same as its predecessor.

Google shipped 2.3 million Home Mini units during the period, capturing 20 percent of the market. The most notable feature is the addition of local voice commands that allow Alexa to operate even without an active internet connection.

A new (second-gen) Echo Plus is also on the horizon.

Pre-orders go live today for $229. The result should be far more powerful bass response from the Echo speakers when playing music.

Google Home Hub rear

What sets this apart from the Amazon Echo Show?

Echo Input is like an Echo Dot without a speaker, just the microphones.

The 100-watt Echo Sub can be wirelessly paired with one Echo speaker for a 1.1 configuration, or with two of the same Echo speakers for a 2.1 set-up, aiming to bring more brunt to a stereo pair through its down-firing 6in woofer.

The display is 7-inches in size with thick bezels around it.

The Google Home Hub will display relevant information such as weather, traffic, date and time. Sure, Google may have taken the YouTube app away from the Echo Show, but it can't stop you from accessing the site from the web. Amazon announced offline home control as well as a Whisper Mode for Alexa devices. You get the idea. For example, by saying, "Alexa, bedtime", a programmed device could turn off the lights, play a lullaby and set the temperature to 65 degrees. A simple camera cover would've sufficed, but what do I know? The product is available for order today and will begin shipping next month.

"Customers tell us they love the convenience of being able to ask Alexa to show them things", said Jorrit Van der Meulen, Vice President, Amazon Devices International. It can record up to four shows and stream to multiple Fire TVs at once.

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  • Arturo Norris