Orrin Hatch says Kavanaugh accuser may be 'mixed up'

I'd like everybody to be very happy.

"I am deeply troubled by these allegations". Both men graduated in 1983 - a year after they allegedly locked a girl inside a bedroom at a house party, where she says a drunken Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed and tried to strip her while a similarly drunken Judge watched and laughed. Republicans are aiming for full Senate confirmation before the Supreme Court term begins October 1.

"We just don't know what happened 36 years ago", he said. "The Minority withheld even the anonymous allegations for six weeks, only to later decide that they were serious enough to investigate on the eve of the committee vote, after the vetting process had been completed", Grassley said in the statement. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), have expressed doubts about Kavanaugh's nomination.

The administration is gearing up for a counteroffensive, a White House official said. "We want to make sure everything is ideal, everything is just right". He says, "we want to hear both sides".

Kavanaugh spent more than nine hours at the White House Monday, huddling behind closed doors with his confirmation team.

Democrats see their arguments about treating women fairly as the best hope for either sinking the appellate judge's nomination or, should Kavanaugh win confirmation, amplifying their appeals to female voters in November. "Dianne Feinstein should have questioned Kavanaugh, under oath, in the closed hearing", tweeted The National Review's Tiana Lowe. The committee was supposed to vote on the nomination this Thursday but faced pressure after Ford went public with her allegation over the weekend. He has the power to stall consideration if all Democrats on the panel join him since Republicans only hold an 11-10 majority on the committee.

Judge did not respond to repeated requests for comment from Business Insider.

"For me, we can't vote until we hear more", said Flake, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Ford told the Post that Kavanaugh "was trying to attack me and remove my clothing" at a teenagers' party one summer in the early 1980s. He added he had "never done anything like what the accuser describes".

Mr. Trump said the Federal Bureau of Investigation has vetted Kavanaugh multiple times, calling the judge "very special".

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh./PBS screenshot.

"It depends on the process", the president said.

Kavanaugh arrived at the White House on Monday, shortly after issuing a strongly worded statement denying Ford's allegation and stressing his willingness to go before the Senate Judiciary Committee to "refute it". They said the Republican hard line showed they'd learned nothing from the 1991 hearings when Anita Hill's claims of sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas, then a Supreme Court nominee, were dismissed by the all-male Judiciary panel. And the Senate is right to continue with the confirmation vote.

Flake has always been a member of the anti-Trump brigade among Congress members, according to Politico. The Kentucky Republican says the Senate's push to confirm Kavanaugh will move forward. The president has backed that type before, notably standing by Roy Moore, a US Senate candidate and former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, who was accused of sexual misconduct by nine women.

Ford claims Kavanaugh was "stumbling drunk" at the time, but Hatch rejected the possibility that he was so intoxicated he can't remember the incident. She grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland and attended Georgetown Visitation high school, which is the sister school to Georgetown Prep, the school Brett Kavanaugh attended. At the end of their meeting, Eshoo said, Ford said she thought it would be "prudent that I take it to another level, and so I contacted Sen". The teenage friend who allegedly broke up the encounter, Mark Judge, also denied the accusation, telling the Weekly Standard that it was "absolutely nuts".

"If anything, it's the opposite", the source supposedly told her. Ben Cardin said in an interview.

Eshoo praised Ford and said her constituent has "exhibited an enormous amount of courage to do this".

"He is somebody very special", Trump said of Kavanaugh.

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