Marvel's Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown

Captain Marvel hits theaters next year on March 8, 2019. Danvers already appears to be outfitted in her Captain Marvel gear when she hurdles back to Earth, and a voice over from none other that Nick Fury tells us that we're now fighting an intergalactic war. The caller ID on Fury's dropped phone showed no name, just a bright flash of blue, red, and gold with a white insignia.

Not only that, "Good Morning America" often debuts trailers for Disney and Marvel properties including "Solo: A Star Wars Story" and 'Avengers: Infinity War', so it all makes sense.

I also liked how they included a number of Captain Marvel looks.

New bond: 'So you're not from around here, ' he says as they drive in a auto.

As the trailer teased, Carol Danvers will be dealing with memories of the past as they clash with where she finds herself in the present.

A pilot in another, Earthbound life? Law is the leader of Starforce, the elite Kree military team.

"She needs to have a humanity to tap into, and Brie can do that".

Ready for the big screen next year.

The first look poster of Captain Marvel is released by the MCU and it can not get better than this.

Human or Alien? In short, yes, Carol Danvers is a human being who grew up on Earth. We see some Skrull (a beach invasion?), we see the back of Ronan's head (looking at Earth from the deck of a spaceship) and we see a glimpse of a young Agent Coulson (just as non-distracting as young Sam Jackson). When we first meet her, she's crash landing on Earth, right in the middle of a still-open Blockbuster. From superpowers to Skrulls to Nick Fury with both eyes, this new trailer packs a punch-one for an old lady on a subway.

"Didn't occur to me one would come from above", he added.

But there's a lot more to Carol's story than being an alien from outer space.

I get the impression that it's this rebellious and resilient, and that will be how she ends up with her abilities. "So you're not from around here?", Fury asks her. She can be aggressive, and she can have a temper, and she can be a little invasive and in your face.

  • Salvatore Jensen