How to Get iOS 12

Apple's iOS 12 is finally out of beta. The company started testing iOS 12 with developers a few months ago since its initial announcement, and the update is now rolling out to all supported devices today.

Here's how you can fix iOS 12 OTA Update Requested stuck issue on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.

Music app Pandora is also taking advantage of Shortcuts at iOS 12's launch.

If your download gets stuck you'll want to hard reset your iPhone or iPad to get it unstuck.

Augmented Reality Apple has continued its efforts to bring deeper Augmented Reality integration in its iOS. Click on the "summary" tab on the left side of the screen, and you'll see a "backups" heading with a big blue button that says "back up now". Apple has finally fixed this plague by grouping notifications from the same app together. It's possible that the device from which you initiate the installation may need to be running iOS 12.

It comes with a strong focus on performance, especially in how that relates to older devices like the iPhone 6. The Do Not Disturb mode now has an improved bedtime feature. As the name suggests, all your calls and notifications will be muted until you toggle Do Not Disturb off.

Here's how to use my favorite new hidden feature in iOS 12, which was released on Monday. The feature taps into artificial intelligence to allow Siri to learn user routines and give suggestions while also supporting voice and custom shortcuts. So when you lose your keys, you can let Siri know and it will automatically start ringing your Tile.

New features are great and all, but personally I'm more psyched about the performance enhancements Apple has thrown in this time around. You can easily see how much time you spent on your iPhone or iPad - what apps are sending you the most notifications, or how often you're picking up your phone.

You'll also want to be on the lookout for bugs and keep an eye on your device's performance in key areas like battery life, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The one much-anticipated feature missing from the release is Group Facetime, which was meant to support group calls and discussions among a maximum of 32 people.

The idea here is that if you happen to look at your phone when DND is enabled, you can still see the time but you won't feel obligated to reply to a message or email that's on your lock screen - because you can't even see the alerts. If you're in it just to get the latest iOS, provide your Apple ID and some basic information about yourself, and pay the membership fee of $99 per year. Sending pictures and videos on iMessage also seems a little faster with iOS 12, by the way. But be warned - if you're going to use the Measure app to get a read on your dong, it may not be that accurate.

  • Arturo Norris