Florence's death toll climbs to 17

The storm killed at least 10 people in North Carolina, including a mother and child killed by a falling tree, state officials said.

Roy Cooper called Florence an "uninvited brute" that could wipe out entire communities as it grinds its way across land.

There were now 2,000 federal workers working on storm response, supporting state efforts, said Tom Fargione, FEMA Federal Coordinating Officer, during a press conference.

Many people were prepared and have been using generators, but they rely on petrol and after what has felt like a very long weekend, supplies are running low.

Tens of thousands of homes were damaged and at least 17 deaths were reported in North and SC.

Near the flooded-out town of New Bern, where about 455 people had to be rescued from the swirling flood waters, water completely surrounded churches, businesses and homes.

"When the electricity went out we heard weird noises and crashing... and their chimney going down", said Paige Tootoo, pointing to a house across the street.

In this image from video, residents rescue carry cats they rescued by boat in floodwaters in Jacksonville, N.C., Friday, Sept. 14, 2018. Disaster experts say it's often hard to quickly confirm hurricane-related fatalities because of the vast regions storms can affect.

A trucker told Oliver he got stuck trying to get through high water.

Hurricane Florence made landfall Friday in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, after stalking the coastline for days.

The storm once known as Hurricane Florence has killed 20 people, trapped hundreds more and made parts of the Carolinas impassable. It blew ashore along a mostly boarded-up, emptied-out stretch of coastline.

About 1.7 million people in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia are under voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders, and millions of others live in areas likely to be affected by the storm. "It's just bad - winds are still really high". Multiple locations in North Carolina saw more than 76cm of rain, making this the wettest tropical system to ever hit the US East Coast.

Unfortunately, the forecast for Florence has not changed: It's still raining.

Numerous roads across eastern North Carolina were blocked by fallen trees and flooding including parts of I-95, a major north-south artery.

The Carolinas' swollen rivers were beginning to swamp coal ash dumps and low-lying hog farms, raising concerns about water pollution. This water will flow downstream to areas already impacted from flooding rains from Florence.

Authorities warned, too, of risks of mudslides and environmental disasters from floodwaters washing over industrial waste sites and hog farms.

Still, there was some good news: Power outages in the Carolinas and Virginia were down to about 580,000 homes and businesses after reaching a high of about 910,000 as the hurricane plowed into the coast.

The death toll in Hurricane Florence that struck last week rose to 14, as torrential rains and heavy flooding continued to batter North Carolina and SC states. Harvey's total of 60.58 inches (60.5 centimeters) a year ago in Texas is No. 1.

- A 3-month-old baby who died after a tree fell on a mobile home in Dallas, North Carolina.

The Neuse River near Goldsboro, about 60 miles from New Bern, has already reached 25.62 feet and is still rising.

"We'll get through this". "Do what you need to get ready for this one more time".

South Carolina's governor issued a similar warning, urging anyone in a flood-prone area to evacuate. I was in one in Wilmington yesterday that had something like 400 cars waiting in line to fill their tanks and their canisters.

"I can't begin to thank the staff of the city of New Bern for what they're doing and what they're going to continue to do", said Outlaw.

  • Carolyn Briggs