RT: Novichok poisoning accused will never speak to journalists again

British police claim the names used by the men are aliases and there is evidence they are Russian military intelligence agents.

The UK government has dismissed claims in the RT interview as "blatant lies". "Therefore it can not say: "Sorry, we made a bad mistake here".

"I think this is likely they will be found to be in breach of broadcasting code with regard to their failure to balance their coverage", Banister Dean said.

The suspected assassins' alibi of tourists visiting the "123 metre spire" of the town's cathedral also sparked incredulity.

The pair said they had travelled to Europe quite a lot for holidays and for business.

"The last time the Russian military claimed that they are on vacation, when in 2014 he invaded the Ukraine".

Ministers have made clear they have little expectation of being able to extradite them from Russian Federation to stand trial in the UK. The Kremlin has denied involvement of any kind in this case.

The two men's actual identities are a matter of dispute.

In the RT interview the men said they had both been in Salisbury and were the people identified in the security stills.

Speaking to presenter Kirsty Wark on BBC Newsnight regarding the suspects, she said: "I have no reason to believe these people, but I have even less reason to believe the British secret service".

"We got wet, took the train and came back [to London]", the pair told RT before adding that they returned to Salisbury the following day "to see the Old Sarum and the cathedral".

British officials decried the interview, calling it "risible".

Skripal, his daughter, and a police officer were left gravely ill by exposure to Novichok in March.

The alleged spies also went to lengths to challenge allegations that they carried the Novichok nerve agent in a perfume bottle.

The RT's editor in chief posted on social media that she met and had interviewed both men Wednesday night, and that interview airs Thursday on RT.

Mr Glen said the interview by the two Russians was "a very poor attempt to reset the narrative". "The interviewer didn't challenge them in any meaningful way".

Other documents published by the two sites included an Aeroflot flight manifest that indicates the two men bought their tickets at the last minute, contradicting their claims that the trip to Salisbury had been planned long ago.

The source said that after registering at the hotel City Stay Hotel in London Bashirov and Petrov could meet this doctor and another assistant, working at the Russian Embassy.

British police used surveillance camera footage from airports, transit stations and elsewhere to outline the pair's movements. They then went straight to the airport and flew home, hours after the Skripals were found unconscious on a bench.

"At 3pm on Friday, 2 March, the suspects arrived at Gatwick airport, having flown from Moscow on Aeroflot flight SU2588".

London believes that Putin personally sanctioned the attack. The men denied having any poison or the counterfeit Nina Ricci perfume bottle that United Kingdom police say was used to transport the weapons-grade nerve agent. They got a flight back to Russian Federation later that evening.

  • Leroy Wright