Top Chinese carrier China Mobile teases dual-SIM iPhones in poster

The third is a cheaper 6.1-inch LCD variant apparently known as the iPhone XC. Such a feature is likely to make the iPhone more appealing to consumers in India and China, where people often use two SIM cards.

At the end of August, we reported that Apple had set a date for the full announcement of. something.

But the iPhone is far from the only product Apple will look to update during what is likely to be a busy event.

AirPower, the wireless charging pad capable of charging an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPod earphones all at once, was first unveiled previous year and promised for 2018.

Apple is expected to unveil new smartphones with super-high definition OLED screens, potentially named the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

In August, in contradiction to the Apple analyst's projection, Economic Daily News has claimed that it would actually be the 6.1-inch LCD-equipped iPhone XC (or 9 or XR) to get a dual-SIM feature.

When Apple announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X a year ago, Apple also gave a "sneak peek" of its own wireless charging pad.

The third phone, a new low-priced version of the iPhone X, could be the hit of the product rollout. The page is not live yet but the images do show the smartphone in Spicy Orange, Red, Cobalt Blue and Space Grey colours.

Apple CEO Tim Cook will take to the stage on Wednesday to reveal the new iPhone (or iPhones) and the features that will be packed in this year. It says that the iPhone XC will retail at RMB 5,888 (~ Rs 62,000), the iPhone XS at RMB 7,388 (~ Rs 78,000) and the iPhone XS Plus at RMB 8,388 (~ Rs 88,000).

The 2018 iPhones are less than 48 hours away from being officially unveiled.

The height and width of the iPhone XS will probably be same as that of iPhone X, while iPhone XS Max will be a little bigger as it may sport a 6.5-inch screen. On the other hand, apple iphone Xs will be the successor of the apple iphone X (2017) and will maintain with 5.8-inch AMOLED screen dimension.

Just a little more than a day before we "gather round" for the launch of the 2018 iPhones on September 12 (1 a.m. on September 13 in the Philippines). While actual USA prices might differ, Goldman Sachs has revised its own estimates, saying that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, a.k.a. iPhone XC, will actually sell for $849, instead of the expected $699.

  • Arturo Norris