Apple iPhone XS Max or Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Big-Screen Battle

Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4 on Wednesday during a special product announcement event which included the highly anticipated iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the entry-level iPhone XR. Both run a Bionic A12 chip of the latest 7 nm technology.

Just like the brand-new iPhone XS, the iPhone 8 is compatible with Qi wireless chargers. Additionally, the XS has a surgical grade stainless steel band and the XR features an aluminum frame. Well, almost. The budget iPhone XR still has some big black bars around that LCD panel but it's way better than the previous iPhones in terms of screen real estate. The phone has a dual back camera with a 12 megapixel wide-angle lens and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens.

Since the first release of original iPhone, Apple have used LCD displays. Last year's iPhone X was the talk of the tech world when it was announced that it would be priced at a whopping $999. Let us know, would you be interested in upgrading from iPhone X to iPhone XS. Explaining its latest offerings, Apple said that these improvements allow the new devices to enthral its users with slicker camera effects and augmented reality experiences. The only other difference between the two is battery life.

Talking about the cameras, the hardware remains same on both the iPhone X and iPhone XS. In addition to that, the cheaper model has the capability to adjust the amount of bokeh effects after the photo is taken.

Now Apple has set a new record for the cost of repairing smartphones.

To download iPhone XS wallpapers and XS Max wallpapers, just right-click or long-press on the image of your choice from below and select "Save" on iOS or "Save image as" on macOS.

Enter the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. Plenty of professionals will be able to get most of their (digital) work done on this device.

If you were doing something boring and normal like sleeping last night, you probably missed that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max pre-orders kicked off at 3AM Eastern Time last night. However, the 12MP primary sensor on the new iPhone XS comes with a larger pixel size for a better performance in low-light. That is a full three-inches larger than the display found on the original iPhone. The result is an ability to display more small text on a screen than before.

The flying elephant of the new lot is the iPhone Xs Max, which sounds like it could be a new flavour of Mountain Dew, or perhaps an extreme sport.

App developers can try the power of Apple's new neural engine through Core ML, a framework Apple offers to programmers use and deploy machine learning on Apple devices.

Once again, Apple's next-generation chip is a state of the art in the electronics industry.

The new iPhone XS Max features Apple's largest phone screen ever at 6.5-inches, yet it might not be enough to future-proof the handset. It doesn't have portrait mode or portrait lighting on the front or rear cameras, it can't do Animoji or the new Memoji, and it doesn't have 2X optical zoom.

The iPhone XR is available in six (6) colorways. Subsequent, expose your original iPhone from Apple, depend on it and the Starter Equipment to come, then activate both the use of the 2d promo code that'll come from US Cell.Here's no doubt one of the fundamental few deals that entails the iPhone XR, which isn't very as a effect of ship except unhurried October.

  • Arturo Norris