Jamie Murray: Serena Williams' sexism claims 'far-fetched'

Williams, who called Ramos a "liar" and "thief" during the match she lost to Naomi Osaka, has alleged sexism played a role in the umpire docking her a game on Saturday. She then had a heated argument with Ramos, which cost her a game.

Ramos belatedly received public backing from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and took his place in the chair for Cilic's routine 6-1 6-3 7-6 (7-5) win over Tiafoe.

"I have my personal opinion that maybe the chair umpire should not have pushed Serena to the limit, especially in a Grand Slam final", Djokovic said in the aftermath of his US Open victory against Juan Martin del Potro.

'So I don't see that and I think a lot of the anger has been exaggerated too in the debate'. When a man does the same, he's "outspoken" and there are no repercussions.

"In my opinion, right now, yes, and it probably always has been", Katrina Adams said on "CBS This Morning" Tuesday.

"I thought they went over the top". But her claims were soon undermined by statistics showing there were 86 code violations handed out to male players at the US Open and only 22 to women. He later admitted the offence, which is not allowed in the sport but is rarely punished. "I have a daughter and I stand for what is right and I have never cheated".

"Mark Knight's cartoon depicting Williams destroying her racquet and jumping up and down, with a dummy spat nearby, mocked the star player for her behaviour", the editorial insisted.

The first violation was for coaching, which Williams argued against. And what seems to have escaped many of his critics is the fact that Osaka actually was sporting a dyed blonde ponytail during the match in question. He called it "an unhappy situation" and said he followed the rules of tennis.

It means Croatia are firmly in charge of the best-of-five-match tie in Zadar going into Saturday's doubles and Sunday's reverse singles matches. Retired umpire Richard Ings confirmed to ESPN that umpires feel that Ramos is being vilified.

"We can not measure ourselves by what we think we should also be able to get away with", Navratilova wrote.

Serena Williams reacts to her loss in the US Open final. "Mr. Ramos' decisions were in accordance with the relevant rules...."

As the controversy rumbled on, Ramos spoke out to say that "a la carte arbitration does not exist", amid rumblings that umpires would boycott future matches involving Serena.

  • Julie Sanders