Apple unveils new iPhones, with cheapest model starting at $1029

The Xr has numerous same features of the Xs, but is water-resistant in up to one meter of water.

But as the assembled reporters and analysts were starting to zone out, and as Apple's stock price slipped, the company unveiled what will prove to be its sleeper hit.

If you want to connect your wired headphones to your shiny new iPhone, you'll now need to pay £9 for a headphone adapter.

The (digital) ink has barely dried on Apple's iPhone XS/XS Max and iPhone XR press releases yesterday, with certain technical details still very much up in the air, and info on essential stuff like official warranty extension prices quietly revealed on the heels of the actual product announcements. The iPhone ASP was $724 in the most-recent quarter.

Apple could use the help. At $749, I think this is really the sweet spot for iPhones this year.

The display on the iPhone XS Max has 3.3 million pixels and the same pixel density as the iPhone XS.

Apple also claims it has improved the speaker system so if you fancy talking to your wrist like Dick Tracy that's going to become a lot easier. All three models of the iPhone come with glass screens that cover the entire front of the phones.

A new "Screen Time" tool generates activity reports showing how often people pick up their iPhones or iPads, how long they spend in apps or at websites, and numbers of notifications received.

iPhone XS: Screen size: 5.8-inch display Storage: 64GB, 256GB and 512GB Processor: A12 chip Resolution: 2436x1125 RAM: 4GB Colours: Space gray, silver and gold. That emboldened the company to aim an even more expensive device at the affluent households that tend to gravitate to its products, especially in the USA and Europe.

Apple's 12-inch MacBook laptop starts at $1,299.

The iPhone XS Max will sell for $1,249 in 256GB and $1,099 in 64GB configurations.

However, compared to its more expensive counterparts, the new iPhone XR does have some compromises that were made to shrink it down. There is little that is new about the models that have been announced. It's got the same basic design of the iPhone X and XS, with a large edge-to-edge screen. A major highlight of the new models is support for dual-SIM and dual standby (DSDS), though this is implemented with an eSIM in place of the second SIM for most of the world, while China gets support for two physical SIMs in the iPhone XS Max. The phone also comes in coral, which is a pale pinkish colour, as well as black and white, but really, go bold. So for iPhone owners who have been holding out for something that looks different and new, it will likely fit the bill. Additionally, it will feature all the same upgrades to the camera software that the XS range will receive.

Other features and specs of the phone include IP67 water resistance, the new A12 Bionic chip, Face ID, LTE Advanced, Dual SIM, and iOS 12. And with this technology came a lot of terminology - along with tangible innovations came a number of terms which were once foreign to most ears but became nearly routine, thanks to the iPhone and the attention it nearly always received.

  • Arturo Norris