Apple Watch Series 4 Official Release Date | Price | Specs | Colors

Aside from iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple has also updated the prices for Apple Watch Series 3 in Malaysia.

Apple has announced the Apple Watch Series 4, and the company says that "everything about it has been redesigned and reengineered".

Many users have held onto older Apple Watch models, and this represents a massive change to the device that could convince users to upgrade. The watch, Apple COO Jeff Williams said in a press release, now "becomes an intelligent guardian for your health". Apple Watch can now monitor your heart rhythm.

Also for the first time, because Apple is allowing its stream to be played on other platforms, it will be available on Twitter. The speaker has been improved to provide a louder and much more clear sound for calls and audio.

The crown is now haptic, and it's got a really nice click to it as you spin - it gives a really lovely feel as you're using it to go through the Watch 4 and feels far more like a mechanical device.

Interestingly, the Apple Watch isn't just the world's best-selling smartwatch - it's the best-selling watch, period.

Another new feature that has been introduced to Series 4 is the ability to detect a fall. When paired with watchOS the fall detector will ask if you are alright. From detecting a fall the watch can prompt you to send an emergency alert, but if you're immobile for more than a minute it will call the emergency services and send a message to key contacts. This new watch takes the better bits of the previous model and makes them bigger and better in three specific areas: connectivity, fitness, and health.

A new electrical heart rate sensor also adds ECG features.

"We believe this is going to help a lot of people who didn't otherwise know they had an issue".

Apple says this "a momentous achievement for a wearable device that can provide critical real-time data for doctors and peace of mind for you". When watchOS 5 is available to install next Monday (Sept. 17), the Series 3 will get numerous new fitness-tracking features the Series 4 will have, including automatic workout-tracking and one-on-one fitness challenges. Customer will be able pre-order the device from 14 September, with retail availability starting on 21 September.

The news comes on top of nuts-and-bolts announcements about a larger screen, improved user interface and a new operating system.

The 5.8 inch 2.7 million pixels while the larger handset boasts a whopping 3.3 million pixels.

The front of the two iPhones are completely covered in a glass finish that is the most durable glass ever on a smartphone. It'll be sold in space grey, gold, and silver.

The new models are expected to be called the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, according to, which caught the names in a product sitemap XML file on Apple's site, before it was taken down.

  • Arturo Norris