Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Day 4

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is facing another round of questioning Thursday, a day after declaring his independence as a judge, but refusing to be pinned down on questions related to the investigation of President Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign's links to Russian Federation.

"Like many of my brothers and sisters of color, I am not comforted by deputies with handguns, let alone assault rifles", she opined, which leads one to wonder whether Miss Eastmond and her media coaches have really thought through what would happen in, say, Chicago, if we disarmed the police. "I believe that, given what the president has said about his choices, that both those things are true".

Kavanaugh, then a lawyer in the George W. Bush administration, became being asked for his idea on a draft Op-Ed to be bylined by pro-lifestyles females.

Disputing with Judge Kavanaugh on terminology is a distraction from the main point, which is that the law must protect citizen's rights to live their sincerely held religious beliefs, no matter what terminology they use in expressing those beliefs.

The confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh had scarcely begun when Sen. Democrats lack the votes to block confirmation but have been pressing Kavanaugh for his views on abortion rights, gun control and other issues. It invited sharp jabs by other Republicans on the committee who urged them to stick to the review process outlined by Grassley and argued that the Democrats were breaking the rules as a political stunt. He also may have committed perjury the last time he was confirmed to a federal judgeship. Numerous outbursts came with several of Kavanaugh's closest friends and family in attendance, including his parents, wife, children and even former players for the youth basketball team he coached.

"The pain that this caused Jane is something I can't even describe", Garza told the committee. "I think you're thinking of someone but you don't want to tell us".

That last question is among the most important at Kavanaugh's hearing since Trump could face a subpoena in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation.

"Contrary to the malign intent of Senators Leahy and Durbin at Senate Judiciary hearings, I can confirm that Brett Kavanaugh knew nothing of the source of any information that we obtained". Senator Booker, by the way, was especially pathetic as he said he would risk expulsion from the Senate by leaking classified documents which, in fact, had actually been declassified. "In this age of President Donald Trump", said Illinois Sen.

But the letter indicates that the groups believe Schumer is not doing a good enough job whipping members to vote against Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh testified back then that he had nothing to do with it. Someone of profound intellect, a judicial philosophy to interpret the laws of this country as written, interpret the Constitution as written. "It is important to note that IF we have a nominee, we need to ZIP THAT PERSON RIGHT THROUGH THE PROCESS.WE CANNOT BEAT 20 MILLION DOLLARS", Ledeen wrote on June 5, 2003.

Ledeen, who now serves as a Republican staffer on the committee, did not respond to a request for comment. He said it never raised any red flags with him.

When questioned about the honesty of his 2006 testimony during his nomination for the appellate court when he said he was not involved in some Bush-era policies, Kavanaugh said he was "100 percent accurate".

Every now and then something kind of awesome happens and that kind of wonderful thing is that sometimes Republicans actually get a little bit of karma served back to them for the terrible things that they have been doing for years and years.

  • Salvatore Jensen