No NAFTA Deal: Canada-U.S. Talks To Resume Next Week

Officials had appeared to be on track to reach a deal that would rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement, but in a freaky twist, inflammatory comments from President Donald Trump angered Canadian officials and threatened to upend the talks.

The U.S. demanded those tougher standards to boost workers who've complained that cheap foreign labor is siphoning off jobs and lowering wages. Talks are also hung up on USA demand to eliminate dispute-resolution panels that Ottawa considers essential, two Canadian officials said Friday. "I'd like to thank Ambassador Lighthizer and his team", she said.

Throughout Friday, Canadian and American negotiators were showing few signs of budging on their most stubborn NAFTA positions - the day of President Donald Trump's Friday deadline for a deal. "Canada's going to make a deal at some point", the president told Bloomberg.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has endured a rocky relationship with Trump, fended off a question about the American president's comments at a news conference Friday.

In an interview with Bloomberg published on Friday, the president railed against how the global trade body had treated the United States. But the talks stalled over a series of significant policy differences, and they were affected by a Friday controversy over secret inflammatory remarks the Star revealed President Donald Trump had made about the negotiations on Thursday. "The USTR team will meet with Minister Freeland and her colleagues on Wednesday of next week", he said in a statement.

"Canada is a country that is good at finding win-win compromises".

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland told reporters about the talks, "We aren't there yet".

"I don't think we will see big shifts at all on the price of cars. We're not there yet". Trump, in those comments, said that he was taking a hardline stand in trade discussions with the U.S.' northern neighbor. It's unclear whether the president's tactics will be enough to spur concessions that bridge the final divides. This established that Canada was not going to be taken seriously by the Americans. With NAFTA talks set to resume next week, Mr. Trudeau should spend his Labour Day weekend on the phone, buttering up Mr. Trump, rather than applying sunscreen at Harrington Lake.

"We continue to be in the process to work with Canada in terms of whether they want to be part of this historic agreement, but certainly that remains our intention", the official said in a call with reporters. But Kronby said Chapter 19 panels have the effective power of a domestic court, while the WTO does not, which makes its decisions easier to ignore. Under current regulations, USA farmers say American wheat is downgraded to the lowest grade, even if the type of grain is registered in Canada.

The U.S. side was insisting that Canada open up access to its tightly protected dairy industry.

A breakthrough will likely require a trade-off between the two nations.

The White House is required to give Congress 90 days notice of a new agreement.

A list of US cheeses included under the agreement is not provided in the fact sheet. On 'The Story, ' Univision News anchor Enrique Acevedo says the deal is a win for Mexico.

As word of Trump's off-the-record remarks rippled through the media corps gathered outside the offices of the US trade representative on Friday morning, a stoic Freeland maintained her diplomatic countenance, saying only that both the Canadian negotiating team and USTR officials were working hard to reach an agreement.

  • Zachary Reyes