Democrat Andrew Gillum Calls For Confederacy. CNN's Cuomo Loves It.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum during his primary victory speech.

If the 39-year-old Tallahassee mayor wins the November 6 election, he would become the most populous us swing state's first black governor.

MIGOS: (Singing) Take my shoes, and walk a mile - something you can't do.

U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis is coming under fire from Democrats after saying the last thing Floridians need to do is "monkey this up" by electing Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum as governor.

"Andrew Gillum can't be trusted", the ad's concluding text reads as ominous classical music plays in the background.

GILLUM: One, one, one (laughter).

"The results is clear: There is no blue wave in Florida", wrote Scott's Senate campaign manager Jackie Schultz Zeckman in a post-primary memo released publicly.

Gillum, meanwhile, relied on a grassroots campaign in the big-money Democratic primary.

Colin Hackley/ZUMA Press/NewscomIs the GOP simply the party of Donald Trump now, or is there still room for more moderate, establishment-backed candidates? But, he does have endorsements from Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - both self-professed Democratic-Socialists. "I don't think that's going to sell".

"Florida's economy has been on the move for the last eight years and the last thing we need is a far-left Democrat trying to stop our success", he said.

"Yeah, that part wasn't lost on me, " Gillum said when asked about DeSantis' remarks. Republicans plan to use an FBI investigation of Tallahassee's municipal government against Gillum, though he's not directly been named a subject.

"I believe the congressman can be better than this", Gillum said. I've had not a smirch on my name until I chose to run for governor, and now it is I'm supposed to prove that I am somehow not under investigation.

"If he thinks that in today's day and age Florida voters are going to respond to that level of division and derision, they're sick of it, " he added.

Gillum raised less than $7 million ahead of the primary, a total far less than the other main contenders. He was elected mayor in 2014. Florida and Georgia voted for Trump in 2016, while Maryland went for Hillary Clinton. He followed up the call a week later with a sit-in at Scott's Tallahassee office with religious leaders to protest the fatal shooting of Markeis McGlockton. He faced better-known opponents in former Congresswoman Gwen Graham and former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, and most polls showed Graham taking the nomination.

In Arizona, there were very few surprises. According to Gillum good quality public education is at the core of providing every Floridian an equal chance "at the American dream".

Florida Democratic Party chairwoman Terrie Rizzo hit out at Mr DeSantis on Twitter.

  • Leroy Wright