Apple has three iPhones on the way but struggled to name them

Gestures - all the new iPhones are expected to have the gesture controls introduced with the iPhone X, as well as Face ID. There is also a chance that higher-end iPhone might be termed as Pro to the tunes of other hardware products like iPad and Mac.

Apple has hands-free features available as Animoji and Memoji through its 3D sensing on the iPhone X.

Besides new iPhone models, it is also speculated that new models of Apple Watch, iPad Pro, AirPods and AirPower Wireless charger are also in the pipeline. There will also be a new low-priced notebook to replace the MacBook Air, but with a different name. That's one of the reasons why Apple is seemingly moving away from S naming convention. As for the iPhones, there's going to be a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone which is internally dubbed the D33.

According to rumors, two iPhone models will come with OLED displays, while the cheaper iPhone model will have an LCD display. Apple will be releasing iPhone XS Plus and iPhone XS.

Then there's the D32, the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone X sequel. Apple could well decide that a stylus for the 2018 iPhone is an idea with legs, and that 3D Touch - perhaps with a UI revamp to make its benefits more obvious - still has usefulness. The LCD version is meant to replace the iPhone 8 and will simply be called "iPhone" - without a number. The cheaper iPhone is expected to feature an LCD display instead of AMOLED on the other two. It's not clear whether the new iPhone will have dual cameras, but that's unlikely to be a major issue for most users. Even the 6.5-inch OLED iPhone is expected to get on board with this. In terms of storage, the more expensive phones will get three options; the base with 64GB, another variant with 256GB and the third with 512GB storage.

Apple Looking to Launch iPhone X Plus Successor With 6.5″ Screen (Report)

Analysts have also pointed out that this year could be the long-awaited iPhone upgrade "super cycle," too, as last year's premium technology comes down in price for customers who were unwilling to splash $1,000+ on an iPhone X.

Kuo's research note contradicts an earlier one from the Taiwanese research firm TrendForce, which predicted the Apple Pencil will work on the screens of two of Apple's 2018 iPhones.

Finally, there's the Mac.

Both for its original computer business and later with the iPhones, Apple's approach has never been volume sales. And let's not forget that it'll likely sell tens of millions of older iPhones, which retail for less than the 2018 models.

Users will also see a watch with redesigned and more physically sound buttons.

  • Arturo Norris