Julie Bishop's boyfriend David Panton says she'll be the new Prime Minister

While Mr Morrison publicly supported Mr Abbott during the spill, there's speculation his failure to endorse the former prime minister's leadership contributed to his defeat.

Josh Frydenberg, the environment and energy minister, was selected as deputy Liberal leader.

Turnbull was forced to resign as prime minister after Dutton succeeded in collecting the required 43 signatures to force a renewed leadership contest.

Morrison was sworn into office shortly after 6 p.m. (0800 GMT) on Friday.

Turnbull's departure from politics is to spark a by-election for his Sydney seat, threatening the government's one-seat parliamentary majority. Mr. Dutton is even said to have thought of pulling Australia out of the Paris accord.

Party whip, Nola Marino confirmed Frydenberg won in "in an overwhelming sense".

Federal Labor opposition treasury spokesman Chris Bowen said cutting GST on household electricty bills was a "crazy and risky idea".

In a phone call with Turnbull, the newly inaugurated US President called the arrangement "the worst deal ever" and called the conversation "the worst call by far" he had had with a world leader.

Australian media have reported that Treasurer Scott Morrison and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop would contest a leadership vote, with Morrison the stronger contender. Three changed votes would have altered the result.

In his final press briefing, Mr Turnbull called the week "madness" and thanked his colleagues for choosing Mr Morrison over Mr Dutton. Turnbull said he was impressed by his party's decision not to reward Dutton and to elect Morrison, whom he described as a "very loyal and effective treasurer".

The Liberal Party is the largest group in the coalition of conservatives in Australia.

Morrison said he shared with Trump the story of Australian soldier Leslie "Bull" Allen "who is a symbol of our 100 years of mateship".

Malcolm Turnbull will be replaced by Scott Morrison, his treasurer, who defeated challenger Peter Dutton 45 votes to 40 for the leadership of the governing right-wing Liberal party.

She said Morrison acknowledged his warmth for New Zealand and that her government would keep advocating for New Zealand in the bilateral relationship.

Disgruntled government lawmakers argued that most had lost faith in Turnbull.

Australia's new prime minister, Scott Morrison, campaigned against marriage equality and has spoken out about the need to protect religious liberty.

Morrison would not comment, saying he had "no interest in New Zealand politics". "I love Australia. I love Australians", he said on Friday.

Morrison presided over Australia's economy as the government sought to return the budget to surplus and simultaneously cut personal income and small business taxes. "They are unfit to govern", he said.

Mr. Morrison is the son of a policeman and an active member of a Sydney Pentecostal evangelical church.

"You can't demand support from your people and then when the time comes for your support, decide that you've had enough of the show", former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce said.

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