Hurricane spares Hawaii, downgraded to tropical storm

Should Hurricane Lane hit the Hawaiian island head on, the state does not have enough shelter spaces to protect its residents.

As the hurricane neared the islands of the Aloha state, it brought winds of 125 miles per hour (200 km/h) and heavy rainfall.

In the state's history, only two storms of this strength have ever come within 350 miles (563 km) of the islands, according to the NWS. Forecasters say it will move close to or over portions of Hawaii's main islands late Friday.

Canadians in Hawaii are watching the path of Hurricane Lane closely as the storm pummels parts of Hawaii with winds up to 97 km/h, leading to another day of cancelled flights.

Rainfall could reach 30 to 40 inches in certain areas of the Hawaiian Islands, the National Weather Service said, and accumulations more generally of 10 to 20 inches.

Torrential downpours from Hurricane Lane are soaking Hawaii's Big Island as the storm approaches the island.

A rare hurricane is dousing Hawaii, producing flooding, power outages, and washing away roads - damage the National Weather Service is calling "catastrophic".

There has never been a hurricane landfall in Maui or Oahu in recorded history.

Almost two feet of rain fell on parts of Hawaii's Big Island as Hurricane Lane approached the state early Friday, causing heavy flooding and landslides that blocked roads - with the worst still yet to come, according to forecasters.

It's only moving at about 6km/h, and would keep dumping heavy rain on an already saturated state.

The Category 3 storm has already dumped torrents of rain on Hawaii's mostly rural Big Island on Thursday, causing road-blocking landslides.

"The hurricane [category] strength is only windspeed".

But as soon as the ports reopen after Hurricane Lane passes, shipping companies want to ensure residents that they are ready to respond. "And if you start having any sort of strong winds, that will only exacerbate the situation". Waiakea High School was opened as a shelter.

Passengers can rebook flights scheduled through August 24 traveling to or from Seoul, Honolulu, Kona, Lihue or Maui.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has prepared stocks of food, water, generators and other supplies to support the state during emergency conditions.

A disaster declaration was approved for Hawaii by President Donald Trump as Hurricane Lane bears down on the islands.

BBC newsman James Cook reportedly dodged serious injury on Friday while reporting on Hurricane Lane on the radio. Additional flights to from Honolulu to San Francisco have also been scheduled.

  • Leroy Wright