S. African government cautions against politically-motivated statement on its land reform

Trump tweeted on the topic shortly after Fox News ran a segment about South Africa's land issue.

At the start of August, President Ramaphosa announced plans by the ruling African National Congress to change the constitution to allow the expropriation of land without compensation (EWC).

In the clip, Carlson painted an apocalyptic picture of the situation accompanied by on-screen graphics warning of the "threat of violence and economic collapse".

Whites, who account for just 8% of South Africa's population, own 72% of the country's individually owned farm and agricultural land, according to the government's Land Audit report in November.

"Through land expropriation, we are forcing white people to share the land which was gained through a crime against the humanity of black and African people", Malema said in a press conference on Thursday.

"Reforming the land distribution and ownership will be good for South Africa", said independent political analyst Nic Borain.

As the latest development in its diplomatic spat with the United States, the South African government has cautioned against politically-motivated statements on the land reform it is pursuing.

The Guardian in the United Kingdom reported that Ramaphosa, a pro-business moderate, has sought to reconcile demands for radical land reform from the left of the ANC and the populist EEFF party with the need to attract foreign investment to boost a flagging economy. In his message, Trump said he would entrust Pompeo with the task of studying about land occupation and farms and the alleged big-scale murders of white farmers in South Africa.

Australia's anti-immigration home affairs minister, Peter Dutton-who may soon become prime minister-said earlier this year that Australia should fast-track visas for white South Africans, to help them escape "persecution" by the black majority.

South Africa remains a violent country, in 2016-17 the police recorded 19,016 murders.

Many South Africans were stunned.

"As a country it's important that we find solutions together - we did this pre-1994 and we can do it again", AgriSA chief executive Omri van Zyl told the SABC broadcaster.

Deputy President David Mabuza has moved to reassure the farming community that the process of land expropriation will be implemented lawfully and in a way which does not encourage the racial-charging of white farmers. We know the US, Britain and the European Union will come for us After the Donald Trump tweet we are more determined to expropriate our land.

Fierce opposition to the plan-and the notion that white farmers have been subjected to "large scale killing" as mentioned by Trump-is a frequent subject of discussion in the corners of the internet inhabited by white supremacists and white nationalists, Reveal journalist Aaron Sankin noted.

"They told us they didn't care".

AfriForum, which mostly champions white people's rights in South Africa, welcomed Trump's announcement. "Only death will stop us, not Trump, not poverty", he said.

Trump's tweet knocked the South African rand by as much as 1.9%-though it has since recovered somewhat-and earned a swift response from the ANC government.

Carlson then went on to criticize "elites" that criticize Trump for racism while "paying no attention" to the "racist government of South Africa".

  • Leroy Wright