Donald Trump warns his impeachment would cause United States economy to crash

"They are not going to find the crime".

The legal risk to Trump is the timing and goal of 2016 payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal. Whereas Bill Clinton clearly committed perjury, there is no proof that Donald Trump committed any crime and certainly not colluding with Russian Federation.

In New York City, Trump's long-time fixer and attorney Michael Cohen admitted to charges that included making illegal campaign contributions. "It's not even a campaign violation".

Cohen's admission under oath that Trump directed him to make the payments to affect the 2016 election is likely to carry significant legal weight. "I've had many friends involved in this stuff", Trump said.

Unfortunately, that has also never seemed to matter.

But if Cohen's guilty plea and Tuesday's conviction of campaign manager Paul Manafort do not imperil Trump today, what they portend is ominous.

Another former "high-ranking Trump associate", who did not allow his name to be used in the Politico article, told writer Michael Kruse that the reason Trump now faces betrayal from Cohen is that he simply did not return Cohen's loyalty.

Nothing that comes of this collaboration will be helpful to Trump.

Under oath, Cohen said he had paid the money "at the direction" of Mr Trump, "for the principal goal of influencing the election". In 1980, the party won the Oval Office again behind Ronald Reagan and then the two George Bushes, and re-established itself as part of the nation's historic framework.

Or Mr Trump could fire Mr Mueller and shut down the investigation. They acted as though they were about to topple a president who mocked them.

What were the president's reactions to these judgments against men he had raised to positions of trust in the campaign that ushered him into the White House? After all, it is Parliament that deposes and beheads the king, not the sheriff of Nottingham.

That, too, is information he'd be willing to share with Mueller, reports said.

In another hammer blow Thursday, The Wall Street Journal and other USA media reported that the CEO of tabloid publisher American Media, David Pecker, has been given immunity by prosecutors investigating the payments, opening a new area of vulnerability for Trump.

Even so, it is no big deal, and certainly not a "high crime and misdemeanor" that would lead to impeachment.

Such a step certainly would be widely seen as obstruction of justice and grounds for the impeachment Nixon in 1974 escaped only by resignation.

Among Trump allies, the back-to-back blows from the Cohen and Manafort cases were a harbinger of dark days to come for the president.

Why do it? Especially if they knew in advance the Senate would not convict.

"The American people would revolt" if @realDonaldTrump was impeached.

After denying Cohen's Trump Tower "bombshell", Davis threw water on another smoking gun touted by some Democrats as evidence of collusion: the Steele Dossier.

Depending on how the next set of elections go, it is feasible that the Democrats could launch impeachment procedures if they take the House of Representatives in the autumn.

Davis then wrapped up the "Skullduggery" interview by saying: "Being on this podcast and being asked questions, especially by Michael Isikoff, no offense intended, is the functional equivalent of a root canal without anesthetics".

  • Zachary Reyes