Defiant as Trump rages, Omarosa says she won't be silenced

Later, in an interview with NPR, she said she heard the tape herself, which is not what she wrote in the book.

'Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!' John Kelly is the White House chief of staff. In 2015, shortly before he launched his campaign, Trump described Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington as "a dog".

The TV star has also revealed her insight on why Melania Trump wore that infamous "I don't care, do u?" jacket.

"The president has said a number of things about individuals who are not African American".

Rumours of the recording have resurfaced after former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman released her tell-all book about life inside the Trump administration.

Manigault Newman is being accused of breaching the Trump campaign's confidentiality agreement from 2016.

"He would grab women, kiss them, unsolicited, anytime, any day", she alleged. "She worked here for a year, and didn't have any of these things to say-in fact everything she said was quite the opposite".

After claiming that she had already sat down with special counsel Robert Mueller, Omarosa Manigault Newman made another wild claim during her book tour on Tuesday: President Donald Trump knew that WikiLeaks was going to release emails that would damage Hillary Clinton beforehand. It paints a damning picture of Trump, claiming without evidence that tapes exist of him using the N-word as he filmed "The Apprentice" reality series, on which she co-starred.

This seemingly trivial Manigault Newman episode illustrates a much more consequential problem, one of Trump's own making: When the president of the United States routinely violates the norms of his office, there is no reason to believe that the people who work for him will not do the same.

"Donald Trump now is at the point where he's so fragile and can not ever, ever be in any interaction, any exchange in any room that's just not pure lionization, canonization", Deutsch concluded.

President Donald Trump had a tough TV morning. But after leaving her role in December past year and publishing her damning memoir, the relationship has gone seriously downhill. She said Sunday that she had listened to one after the book closed.

Conservative commentator Armstrong Williams said he's known Manigault Newman since she was 19 and will always consider her a friend.

"I (told Trump), 'Well sir, can you think of any time where this happened?' And he said no", Patton interjected. The person insisted on anonymity to discuss the investigation.

Manigault-Newman addressed the low blow.

Sanders defended Trump's use of the word "dog" in reference to Manigault Newman, saying that the president was simply exasperated with his former aide.

Specifically, the former White House aide called out the time the first lady wore a pink Gucci "pussy-bow" blouse after the Access Hollywood tape came out.

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