Trump Tweets Omarosa Manigault 'A Dog', Follows Up With 'Animals' in London

Tonight, on the MSNBC program, Hardball, Omarosa revealed to the general public what she had told me last December: That former Apprentice producer, Bill Pruitt, was the original source of the "N-word" tape.

On Tuesday, she released a third recording to CBS "This Morning" that suggested top campaign staffers knew Trump had used the "N-word" and discussed a potential response if it leaked.

Trump has not taken her claims lying low, as he has used every opportunity to attack her and denounce her claims.

Omarosa married Newman - her second husband - at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., where she walked down the aisle in a lace pink dress, all while she was employed at the White House. "I'm waiting for him to fire his chef so we can get a cookbook called 32 Burger Recipes a Fat Liar President Likes". "Is this a joke?" Exactly like everyone else in the Trump Administration.

Trump is referring to Omarosa Manigault Newman, his former White House adviser and a repeat Apprentice contestant, who said she personally heard a recording of Trump using the N-word during filming for the show.

Asked whether Trump's language was appropriate, White House senior counsellor Kellyanne Conway did not answer directly but told Fox News she had never heard Trump "issue a racial slur about anyone". I don't have that word in my vocabulary, and never have.

In February, she appeared on CBS's reality show, "Celebrity Big Brother", where she made ominous claims about the Trump administration, such as "it's bad" and "we're not OK". And Omarosa's credibility hasn't been helped by some television interviews promoting her book Unhinged that have seemed frankly rather befitting of that title.

She added: "And that's not appropriate".

Back in May of 2017, you may recall an incident at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels, Belgium, where Trump appeared to have pushed aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro.

In a later interview on Monday, Manigault Newman said she "absolutely" had more tapes in her possession and warned that there were more to come.

Trump officials and a number of outside critics denounced the recordings as a serious breach of ethics and security - and White House aides anxious about what else Manigault Newman may have captured in the West Wing.

The revelations surrounding Omarosa Manigault Newman's new memoir, and the ensuing fallout, are underscoring a level of dysfunction many now see as just part of life under President Donald Trump. "Is this a joke", he reportedly said.

If it's true, though, it's news to two media outlets that have been actively searching for evidence of it. Trump's former colleagues during his Apprentice days know of a lot of nasty comments from Trump, reports Asawin Suebsang of the Daily Beast, but not that one.

Manigault Newman has dismissed any legal concerns about taping conversations.

However, Pruitt denied he was in possession of the tapes, HuffPost reported. "What happened?" he said, apparently unaware she had already been fired.

Manigault Newman is in the midst of a promotional tour for her book, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House".

In the recording, which the Associated Press independently listened to, Kelly is heard saying he wants to talk with Manigault Newman about leaving the White House.

  • Salvatore Jensen