YouTube dark mode for Android: How to turn it on

The dark theme was introduced past year for the desktop version and then introduced to iOS users in March.

The desktop version of dark mode was launched sometimes in 2017, and became instantly popular among users and visitors to the website. Roku and Android TV both have their apps set to a dark theme by default.

YouTube already uses a dark theme as the default theme for most YouTube apps on TVs. Also, anything previously white will be converted into the dark theme, including search pages, backgrounds, tabs, and even the minimized video player. Users will be notified when the update is available for them.

It is only a matter of time before users worldwide would be able to access this new option.

A few Android users have noticed a pop-up at the bottom of the YouTube app applying the Dark Theme, but there's an option to turn it off as well. As in desktop, you can do it by selecting the account icon, then tapping the Dark theme option just above the Settings option. Well, a darker interface can be more pleasant to the eyes, especially if you're in a dark room. Underneath Digital Wellbeing's "Remind me to take a break" feature, users can locate a "Dark Theme" button, which they can manually switch on and off. Others have reported the feature in their YouTube app but it hasn't been rolled out to everyone.

YouTube has announced several updates that improve the experience of consuming VR content on its app. "We quickly concluded that the way most people would expect themes to work and the way Dark Mode works were fundamentally different".

  • Arturo Norris