Lewis Hamilton coasts to Hungarian Grand Prix win

Seven-time world champion Schumacher snr suffered head injuries while skiing in 2013 and hasn't been seen in public since.

Now, he is almost a clear win adrift of Hamilton in their private battle to become the first driver of their generation to win a fifth world championship. Given that their auto has been the better of the two this season, Vettel could have expected to be in front at this stage but in the opening 12 races he has made four mistakes that have cost him points. We've got work to do, we've got things to improve. He got in front of Bottas who then ran into the back of Vettel damaging his front wing. It looked like Ferrari and Mercedes are neck and neck.

The Ferraris continue to set the bar for speed. The Australian pitted, finally, after 44 laps, switching to ultras. It would have been close.

By lap 35, he was still 25 seconds in front - five more than he needed. But before then he can enjoy a few weeks of down time.

It could, however, have been a very different story if Vettel had come out ahead of Bottas after his pit stop. We had to pit early to cover Kimi (Raikkonen). The Red Bull eventually overtook Bottas to secure fourth place. Sadly for Vandoorne his hopes of ending a three-month points drought was scuppered by the aforementioned component, but his performance was hugely encouraging as the chassis swap - in the wake of a mystery downforce deficit in Britain and Germany - appeared to revitalise his fortunes.

"It was good we were faster and could pull a gap to Valtteri", Vettel said.

The long straight up to turn one was Ferrari's best and - ultimately - only chance of overtaking Hamilton. "So I'm quite confident with what's in the pipeline". We expected damage limitation, rather than taking the points.

"It didn't happen [this time] but it wasn't an issue, not a big deal in the end". You don't want to do that.

"Last year we lost the championship in the second half of the year because our vehicle wasn't quick enough, but I am quite confident that we can improve", a spirited Vettel said. Surely, that didn't help. I think in the dry, we were pretty much in control. "Our vehicle has a big potential, so I feel relaxed, going on holiday, for the races to come". Vettel was unhappy and knew he was losing crucial seconds. Vettel takes the lead.

But all that changed come qualifying and we saw the best of the Briton as Hamilton picked up a crucial pole position and turned into a commanding display during the race as was just witnessed. The stewards judged it to be a racing incident and punished neither driver, which was the correct call, but nevertheless it reveals a lack of caution in Vettel's mindset. The German legend made his headline-grabbing F1 debut there with Jordan in 1991 and followed it up with a win a year later with Benetton.

  • Julie Sanders