Qatar gets World Cup hosting duties from Russian Federation

Deschamps lead France to put an end to 20 years of setbacks on the global level when they defeated Croatia 4-2 on Sunday to win the title.

The actual matches may have played on the grounds in Russian Federation but fans of the FIFA World Cup were as much a part of the football mania that gripped the world through conversations on microblogging site Twitter. "In that it is not going to change everyone's life, but it will make everyone happy for several days, weeks, months, and years".

In the run-up to the last Women's World Cup in 2015, a group of global players, led by U.S. star Abby Wambach, protested because the tournament would be played on artificial turf, which is considered by many to be inferior to real grass.

The Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

Around 115 billion tweets relating to the World Cup were viewed on Twitter, with the majority heating up during the final on Sunday.

Notre-Dame des Champs station was relabelled "Notre Didier Deschamps", and Victor Hugo was switched to "Victor Hugo Lloris" after the captain and goalkeeper.

Croatia also felt their luck deserted them, but ultimately France ran out victorious to erase the memories of the loss to Portugal in the Euro 2016 final in Paris. The goal put France up 4-1, closing the door on Croatia who had been the better team until Mbappe took control.

Sliding into the World Cup party like ...

... "I think the VAR decision was a bit harsh, because I don't think Perisic did that intentionally".

France's World Cup-winning backline featured two fullbacks that had been capped all of five times apiece prior to the opener against Australia. In some small way, the World Cup has helped lift the nation as it remains wary of the threat.

"In Russia, we are always glad to see our friends, both old and new, now that we have so many more of them", Putin said.

Macron had already celebrated with the team on Sunday - even doing "dab" dance moves with players in a video that has gone viral - after attending the final in Moscow. In doing so, Mbappe became the first teenager since Pele in 1958 to score twice in the same World Cup match.

They did not disappoint, passing the golden World Cup trophy from player to player as they jumped and danced on an open-air bus with "World Champions" emblazoned on its side.

"In a World Cup final, you do not give such a penalty", Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic said.

Tourists who visited Russian Federation for the World Cup will testify that it is indeed a attractive and fascinating country with lots of places and culture to explore. "I was actually gunning for Belgium", added Zachary Anderson, an American expat.

In the second half, France looked to have wrapped it up with two goals in six minutes from Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe.

  • Julie Sanders