UK’s May halts revolt over Brexit trade bill

Johnson resigned as Foreign Secretary in opposition to the Brexit proposal drawn up at Chequers.

Two members of the cabinet - Boris Johnson and David Davis - have resigned in protest at the plan, as Eurosceptic Tories claim it sticks too closely to European Union rules and regulations.

Hillary Benn told her: "Everyone else watching what is going on here - including those with whom we are negotiating - is wondering whether, in fact, your proposals have the support of Parliament and doesn't that make your job more hard?" "We have changed tack once, and we can change again", he said.

However, the prime minister could be forced into adopting one if she fails to secure agreement from parliament for her Brexit deal. The strategy has bitterly divided her Conservative Party caucus and it barely survived a series of votes in the House of Commons this week.

Britain's departure from the European Union is scheduled to begin in March, with the transition lasting through 2020. May with several recent opinion polls showing up to 71 per cent of voters disapprove of how she is handling Brexit.

'And if I can say to her, I know she wants us to talk about the positives of Brexit and I agree with her.

In extraordinary scenes, the trade minister George Hollingbery engaged in open negotiations with the customs union rebels from the dispatch box, offering them a Lords amendment for a "customs arrangement" backstop if they backed down.

One EU official said the extension could be given if member states see United Kingdom negotiators committed to hammering out a deal day and night.

However as yet there is no plan for a hard border on the island of Ireland, as both the United Kingdom and European Union have ruled this out. But Mr. Johnson said the government had "dithered" over the Lancaster House strategy.

But the withdrawal of Clarke's letter will offer little reassurance to May that she can get her Brexit plans through Parliament after Baker's warning.

The PM scraped a victory in a crucial Commons vote on Brexit last night - carried over the line by the skin of her teeth only with the support of four Labour MPs.

Meanwhile, one of her MPs has called for a government of national unity to sort out Brexit - comprised of Plaid Cymru, the SNP and "other sensible, pragmatic" MPs.

Breaking a lengthy silence, the worldwide trade secretary warned that countries with close business links to the United Kingdom - such as Ireland - would suffer a hit of up to 8% of GDP from a failure to reach a Brexit agreement. "Brexit continues to mean Brexit", Ms. He didn't signal an imminent leadership challenge or call on May to resign on Wednesday.

"We have time in these negotiations".

Under the new United Kingdom trade bill, as things now stand, MPs in the Commons would only have the power to continually delay the passing of a trade treaty, but not veto or amend it.

Had the amendment passed, hardline Conservative backbenchers would have triggered a vote of no confidence to Theresa May's government.

"We've accepted the amendments because we believe they are consistent with the approach that we set out, and in a number of cases it reinforces some of the messages that came in the white paper", the spokesman told reporters.

"The Government have a majority of 13 and there are 13 Scottish Tories".

  • Zachary Reyes