Trump faults Obama for USA response to Russian hacking

"Once again President Trump mentioned the issue of the so-called interference in the American elections", Putin said. But in advance of the talks, Trump listed a series of topics that did not include Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Niemi said these were meant to show support for journalists in the USA and Russian Federation facing "ever toughening circumstances", reported the Hill.

When asked by a reporter whether he believed the various United States institutions that asserted Russian interference or Vladimir Putin, Trump did not provide a direct answer.

The two leaders will hold a joint news conference after the meeting, where the men will ostensibly give details of what they spoke about. "I believe that the ball is in the USA court", the Russian president said in an interview with the Vesti v Subbotu (Saturday News) show on June 8, 2018.

Instead Trump said, "I don't see any reason why it would be" Russian Federation that hacked the election.

But unless some big developments quickly obliterate the images from Helsinki, it is going to be hard ever again for Trump and his allies to suggest that his administration has made America Great Again by impressing friends and enemies alike with the bristling courage and plain-spoken nationalism of Donald J. Trump.

This was after he tweeted earlier that Washington's "foolishness and stupidity" was the reason for bad relations. Eastern. However, in power moves by both men, Putin arrived to Finland from Russian Federation late and then Trump left his hotel late, meaning the meeting didn't start until 7:10 a.m.

"I was an intelligence officer myself, and I know how dossiers are made up", Mr. Putin said dismissively, standing next to Mr. Trump after their summit in Helsinki.

Meanwhile, US lawmakers and political observers on both sides are warning Trump not to trust Putin.

The US and Russian leaders came out of their meeting in Helsinki expressing a desire to cooperate on global challenges, after discussing an array of issues from Syria, Ukraine and China to trade tariffs and the size of their nuclear arsenals.

In tweets prior to the meeting, Trump continued to call special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation that led to the indictments a "rigged witch hunt" and blamed the hacking on former President Barack Obama rather than Putin.

Referencing the Steele dossier that suggested the Russians collected "kompromat" on Trump during his stay in Moscow years before he became president, Putin stated he had no idea Trump was in town and didn't really care that he was, much less wanting to gather dirt on him.

The Obama administration did, in fact, take action, including confronting Putin in person as well as expelling almost three dozen Russian diplomats the US said were actually intelligence operatives and imposing new sanctions. "We spent a great deal of time talking about it. Putin also felt strongly about it and has an interesting idea", Trump told a gaggle of worldwide journalists, without however elaborating on the idea. Trump said the two countries had not been getting along in the past and that there existed "great opportunities" to change that.

Mr. Putin said the talks with his US counterpart were "very successful, useful".

After their private meeting, Trump and Putin held a joint press conference.

- Norah O'Donnell (@NorahODonnell) July 16, 2018Running late, Pres Putin steps off his aircraft on arrival in Finland for summit with Pres Trump.

In the end, it was a meeting for the sake of having a meeting. If that link is established, it would shatter the Kremlin denials of the Russian state's involvement in the USA elections, given that the GRU is part of the state machine.

Trump did not criticize Putin over Russian meddling in the election or warn him not to do it in the future.

Trump arrived Monday afternoon at the Finnish presidential palace for what he has called a summit with Putin, hoping once again that his personal touch can reverse the steep decline in US-Russia relations in recent years.

  • Salvatore Jensen