The best Amazon Prime Day deals

It's that time of year again, the shopping holiday Amazon is trying to make a tradition: Prime Day.

The Google Pixel 2 (4GB RAM/128GB storage) is also on sale, with a flat discount of Rs16,001.

You would have to live under a rock on the moon not to already know that today is Amazon Prime Day (and a half) with tons of goodies on offer to tempt you into spending your hard-earned cash. Prime Now is an exclusive service for prime members that gets select items delivered within 2 hours of ordering them.

Backing up the assertion, research from Bassuk's firm shows that almost four out of 10 Americans plan to shop somewhere else besides Amazon on Prime Day.

Amazon is offering discounts up to 40 per cent on OnePlus 6, Huawei P20 Pro, Moto G6, Moto G5 Plus and Vivo V9.

"It's basically a way for the retailers to hopefully generate some sales and not let Amazon take all of the share", he said. Good luck Prime shoppers!

A plethora of offers ranging from exchange deals to buyback guarantee schemes will be available on most smartphones. So, without further ado, what's to love most from this year's Prime Day edition in our neck of the woods where phones, tablets, and various accessories run wild? "Discounts on Echo and other Alexa products today are really just the tip of the iceberg". Plus, if you make a purchase, Whole Foods will put a $10 credit on your Amazon account to use toward Prime day shopping, so it's a win-win. However, these discounts are limited for Prime members only.

"Step Aside Black Friday - Meet Prime Day", Amazon said in a news statement unveiling the event. Want to try out Amazon's Alexa?

PRIVATE LABEL PUSH: Amazon has been building its own brands, and it'll be offering deals such as 25 percent off its Rivet furniture brand, which didn't exist a year ago. Other deals available in the Flipkart sale include the Acer Predator Gaming Laptop that can be purchased starting at Rs. 63,990 (MRP Rs. 89,990). Don't have Prime? It's not too late to become a member. Other than the annual subscription of Rs 999 a year, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime by paying just Rs 129 a month.

  • Salvatore Jensen