Russians not likely to face court in US over hacking

What President Donald Trump truly cares about is "MTGA" - "Make Trump Great Again", and we saw another example of this objective over the weekend.

Donald Trump has called the European Union a "foe" of America, as he departed from the United Kingdom ahead of a summit with Vladimir Putin.

Putin and Trump have met on the sidelines of conferences in the past, but this is their first dedicated summit. Demonstrators chanted "media must be free", and carried a banner calling for human rights. "We are not looking for concrete deliverables", White House national security adviser, John Bolton, told ABC's "This Week" in an interview. "Whoever says we are foes is spreading fake news", Mr Tusk said on Twitter.

In the interview with CBS News, Trump said he's entering the meeting in Finland with "low expectations".

The police said 16 or more demonstrations were registered before and during the summit, and on Sunday around 2,500 people got together at the Helsinki city center Senate Square to protest against the summit and Trump.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that Trump's refusal to condemn Putin "makes it clear that meeting with Putin would be both pointless and risky", while Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner said the Russian leader "will undoubtedly take full advantage of an ill-prepared President".

He said: "There's a lot of anger at the fact that Germany is paying Russian Federation billions of dollars".

What about the Putin summit and alleged hacking?

At Turnberry, protesters who had gathered on the nearby beach climbed a hill to ensure the president could see them when he took to the golf course.

'The administration has a pretty good policy towards Russian Federation, just the president doesn't agree with it, ' said Michael McFaul, a former US ambassador to Russian Federation under Obama.

"I do believe in meetings", Trump said. "If he even just implicitly suggests that some of Russia's behavior has been okay because of history or whatever other reason he gives", Salonius-Pasternak said, "that, I presume, will have very negative repercussions".

"He'll listen to President Putin's response, and we'll go from there".

"The DNC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be hacked. They had bad defenses, and they were able to be hacked, but I heard they were trying to hack the Republicans too, but, and this may be wrong, but they had much stronger defenses". "We have to assume - and if we have proof that they did it, which it sounds like we [do] - we should now spend our time protecting ourselves instead of having this witch hunt on the president", Paul continued. But when it comes to Trump doing that, those same politicians and media commentators are silent.

He is expected to leave the United Kingdom later after staying at his Turnberry resort on Scotland's Ayrshire coast during the private leg of his visit.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul says asking for the extradition of the Russian intelligence agents indicted Friday for interfering in the 2016 election would be a "moot point".

The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, said he was anxious about Trump being alone in the room with Putin, without his national-security aides.

Trump left for the summit after relaxing at one of his golf courses in Scotland following a tumultuous trip to Britain, which itself came after he bashed heads at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels.

Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on the conclusion that Russian Federation was behind the hacking and frequently derided special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible links between Russian Federation and his campaign as a "witch hunt".

On Friday a federal grand jury alleged that officers of Russia's military intelligence agency, the GRU, secretly monitored computers and stole data from the campaign of Trump's former rival, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The two presidents have shared personal bonhomie in the past, but beyond the alleged hacking of the USA election, their countries are deeply divided on a host of other issues including Syria and Ukraine.

  • Leroy Wright