Queen Elizabeth Meets With Trump and Melania

An activist group was given permission to fly the blimp over London during Trump's visit, which will reportedly be met with up to 200,000 protestors in the streets.

U.S. President Donald Trump began talks Friday with British Prime Minister Theresa May at her retreat in Chequers, after a rather frank interview he gave to a newspaper that renounced her Brexit plan. The Queen was waiting at a dais to greet the Trumps after they stepped out of the vehicle.

When the then United States president Barack Obama dropped in to see the Queen at Windsor Castle in 2016 - the day after her 90th birthday - he and Michelle Obama had lunch with the monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh in the castle's private dining room.

It was a very royal affair as President Trump and the first lady met Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle in England Friday.

On Thursday, CBS News' Haley Joelle Ott reports protesters numbering in the dozens showed up to express their outrage over the Trump administration's recently policy about separating children from their families at the border. Add Donald Trump as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Donald Trump news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

Trump is meeting May for a working lunch before meeting the Queen for tea and a likely round at his Scottish golf course.

"Trump's politics are risky and divisive, and the baby balloon has been a tremendous success in highlighting the racism, misogyny and xenophobia in the "toddler in chief's" presidency". "I think she represents her country so well".

However, as the president and the Queen reviewed the Queen's Guard before strolling around and entering the historic fortress, Trump walked directly in front of the Queen, inadvertently blocking her for a moment. She is just an incredible woman, ' he said. "It is for him to explain why he thinks I'm responsible for immigration into Europe or the United Kingdom". "Whatever you do is OK with me", Trump told the press conference. Before the president even arrived, mass protests were organizing in London and other places around the U.K. The highlight of the festivities was a giant orange diaper-clad Trump baby balloon maneuvered around by protesters wearing "Trump Babysitter" shirts.

The Donald Trump baby blimp will be flown at a protest in Edinburgh.

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