Trump heads for a United Kingdom in 'turmoil' as more Tories quit

If she lost the vote, she would not be able to stand in the subsequent leadership contest, arranged by Sir Graham.

She said: "My concern is that the Chequers' proposal is an opening bid in negotiations and the European Union may well try to erode the position agreed by the cabinet".

But even if she achieved that threshold, a narrow victory would seriously undermine her authority and may lead her to question whether it was worth carrying on.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May leaves Downing Street in London, Britain, July 10, 2018.

"I knew David Davis reasonably well - I met him a number of times".

Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe has warned that a new Brexit policy rolled-out by British Prime Minister Theresa May is unacceptable. "I get along with her very well, I have a very good relationship".

Hunt, who served as the health secretary, was assigned to his new role late on Monday hours after Johnson handed in his resignation letter to May.

Mr Hunt was a Remain campaigner in the referendum - although he has since declared he is a convert to the cause of Brexit - and his appointment will be seen as a tilt in the balance at the top of the Cabinet.

"Top-level cabinet resignations usually spell trouble for a government and Boris Johnson's might well have led to a leadership challenge, but May appears to have emerged unscathed from a meeting of her party, for now", said Al Jazeera's Jonah Hill, reporting from London.

Trump said it was up to the British people to decide if Mrs May remained in power while speaking to reporters at the House House before boarding Air Force One. Jeremy Wright, Geoffrey Cox, Chris Heaton-Harris, Kit Malthouse and Justin Tomlinson all receive promotions and their names were swiftly googled by many in Westminster.

Even if the United Kingdom was to join the CPTPP, Finny said we would still have to negotiate bilaterally in terms of market access as we had with all the other members of the deal.

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters told Newsroom that May's announcement was a validation of the work that the Government had put into renegotiating controversial aspects of the CPTPP.

Mrs May moved quickly to appoint the staunchly anti-EU Dominic Raab as the new Brexit secretary - a shrewd move that should calm some Brexiteer nerves.

A long-time euroskeptic, Davis was appointed two years ago to head up the newly-created Department for Exiting the European Union after Britain voted to leave the European Union in a shock referendum. Steve Baker also resigned as a junior Brexit minister.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the influential pro-Brexit European Research Group of Tory MPs, said: "If the Government plans to get the Chequers deal through on the back of Labour Party votes that would be the most divisive thing you could do".

Johnson, who wrote in his resignation letter that the Brexit "dream is dying" and that Britain was headed for the "status of colony" under May's leadership, is seen as a potential challenger.

"The government now has a song to sing", he said. "The latest Brexit betrayal must be reversed", he was quoted as saying by The Independent.

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson said: "Theresa May's Government is in meltdown".

"When will the prime minister go further and accept that we need to include more in this deal and that we need to be part of the internal market of the European Union?" Corbyn, addressing May in parliament, said her government should be ended if it was incapable of governing.

Boris Johnson might be the most likely challenger, but has not exactly covered himself in glory considering his undiplomatic language about business, declining to make good on his promise to lie down in front of bulldozers to obstruct a third Heathrow runway, and seemingly flip-flopping repeatedly over whether to support May's plan.

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