LeBron agrees to 4-year, $154 million contract with Lakers

They prepared an old-fashioned press release under the letterhead of Paul's agency, Klutch Sports Group, but they weren't sure if or when they'd distribute it. James phoned Paul as he was boarding the private plane. As James' decision looms closer, the 76ers appear to have fallen out of the conversation.

Many around the league expected George to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. And if the National Basketball Association decides to scrap its current one-and-done draft requirement, the rule that stipulates draft hopefuls must be at least one year removed from High School, then the possibility of James Jr being drafted straight out of High School becomes very much a live option.

News of James' arrival at the Lakers sparked a delighted response on Sunday, with basketball legends and Hollywood celebrities lining up to welcome the move. If LeBron can take this Lakers team to the Finals in the next two years, he's probably going to be facing Kyrie Irving and the Celtics in a series that will split the earth in half. 3.

"The Lakers are FOREVER gonna be Kobe's and Magic's team...."

According to ESPN, the fourth year of his contract is a player option.

James, a 14-time All-Star and four-time MVP, spent the first seven years of his career with Cleveland before he signed with the Heat as a free agent prior to 2010-11.

Philadelphia hasn't hid its desire to land James, a three-time champion who would instantly make the club a championship contender. Fans reacted angrily the first time he left the team in free agency.

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS: Home, money. Instead of him leaving in his prime with no rings to speak of, he's now leaving after bringing a championship back to Cleveland. He delivered in 2016, erasing past sins and raising himself to a worshipped level few athletes in any sport have experienced.

The Lakers had a large amount of cap space to work with.

Just today, Russian Federation knocked off Spain, LeBron James announced his intentions to sign with Los Angeles Lakers and now, LeBron's long-time playoff foil Lance Stephenson is following him to Hollywood. The appeal of playing for one of the league's most storied teams is another allure.

In the end, James believed it was the right situation for him.

  • Zachary Reyes