LeBron James agrees to 4-year, $154M deal with LA Lakers

The first piece might be immediately swaying Pelicans' forward Boogie Cousins to sign with the Lakers instead of the Pelicans. The fourth year is a player option. Clint Capela and others with six years or less in the league can make a max salary of $25.25 million for the 2018-19 season. The Lakers, as they stand today without Leonard, are a good team.

What we do know is the Lakers can offer James a max contract. While there had been dialogue between Paul and Altman since the season ended, James had not given the team any sense of his plans. This move would likely still leave the Lakers with cap space even with the addition of James. Those are players who can help the Lakers compete now but who do not carry salaries over into next summer. Now that he's in Los Angeles, that's impossible. But he was clearly focused on the new home team. Klay Thompson, for instance, will be a free agent after next year and given that his father Mychael was a forward on the last two of Johnson and Riley's Laker title teams as well as a current Lakers broadcast commentator, Klay could be a ideal fit alongside James in LA.

James wasn't planning to have any face-to-face meetings, but Saturday night he met with Johnson, who sold him on his vision for the Lakers, the person told AP.

LeBron shares a message to fans in OH after the news breaks.

James' agency later broke the news that he was heading to Los Angeles, an iconic franchise that has won 16 National Basketball Association titles but is in the rebuilding process at the moment after a losing record for five consecutive seasons. Short contracts are the new normal.

LeBron James's move to the LA Lakers has got a lot of high-profile stars excited.

They have now gone five consecutive seasons without competing in the postseason - the longest drought in franchise history. "The odds have been stacked up against me since I was an adolescent", James said at this year's NBA Finals. The then-28-year old, six-year National Basketball Association veteran signed a five-year contract worth $2.375 million ($475,000 annually) and received a $750,000 signing bonus.

After missing the playoffs only twice between 1976 and 2013, the Lakers have not made an appearance in the postseason since, as they looked to slowly rebuild a winning side and LeBron's arrival is expected to kick-start the process.

  • Julie Sanders