House narrowly passes farm bill after failure to launch last month

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House leadership announced the compromise bill vote would be postponed until at least next week, so members can have a chance to review it. Why don't conservatives just vote no on the bill, declaring themselves to be against all forms of amnesty no matter how many enforcement measures are packaged with it, and assume that Republican voters back home will accept that even if Trump supports the bill?

The House leadership bill allows children to be held in detention together with their parents while waiting for an immigration court ruling.

Any bill that passed the House, he said, would likely die in the Senate - ignoring the fact that there is no bill that has gotten to the Senate. It includes a pathway to citizenship for some illegal immigrants, and fully appropriates $25 billion for President Trump's border wall plan.

The vote on that bill was initially rescheduledfor Friday morning.

"The Senate's version isn't ideal, but it avoids the hardline partisan approach that House Republicans have taken here today, and if it passes, I look forward to working with conferees to produce a conference report both parties can support, which is the only way to get a farm bill enacted into law", according to the statement.

Those defections - almost one in five GOP lawmakers - underscored the party's chasm over immigration and the election-year pressures Republicans face to stay true to districts that range from staunchly conservative to pro-immigrant.

FILE PHOTO: Border Patrol agents keep watch during the official start for the construction of new bollard wall to replace 20-miles of primary vehicle barriers in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, United States April 9, 2018.

So if you're a House conservative, you have three potential outcomes here if you vote yes on the compromise bill. It also instructs the Defense Department to provide or construct facilities to house the families. Democrats are expected to vote against the bill but many Republicans, including a group of moderate lawmakers, are expected to vote for the bill. "These vote counts are all because of his lack of leadership".

One of them said Nielsen, who had become the face of the administration's policy, had little faith that Congress would act to fix the separation issue and felt compelled to act.

What a swath of conservative Republicans-who don't trust Ryan and think they're being cheated, as usual-want now is "to make sure the President is very visible in his support for both bills this week", as Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) from the other conservative wing, the Republican Study Committee puts it.

In the House, moderate Republicans forced the immigration debate to the fore by threatening to use a rare procedure to demand a vote. About 14,000 immigrants in Nevada were protected from deportation by DACA. All they want is an opportunity to register their own vote in favor of amnesty ahead of the midterms.

"We will cross that bridge if we get to it", he said. But for extended detentions to keep families together beyond that timeframe it is "critically important" for Judge Dolly Gee of the U.S. District Court of Central California to make a ruling, according to Hamilton. "We're working on a much more comprehensive bill", Trump said before signing the order.

Goodlatte's immigration bill did come up for a vote on Thursday.

The conservative immigration measure was defeated 231-193, with 41 Republicans - mostly moderates - joining Democrats in voting against it. President Donald Trump seemed to undermine the effort with a tweet suggesting any measure the House approved would be doomed in the Senate anyway.

At the White House, Trump defended his administration's "zero tolerance" policy of prosecuting all migrants caught illegally entering the country, a change that has caused thousands of families to be divided while the parents are detained.

Speaking before a Cabinet meeting, Trump says "I signed a very good executive order".

Without them, the future of programs such as crop subsidies - which have already come under attack by both Democrats and conservative Republicans - looks increasingly uncertain.

The events escalated a drama that had begun Wednesday as GOP leaders struggled, yet again, to unite their fractured conference. In a press conference on Thursday, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the GOP compromise bill a "compromise with the devil".

  • Leroy Wright