Trump heaps praise on 'tough guy' Kim Jong Un

If Chairman Kim is playing the long game, and does not sincerely intend to eliminate his nuclear weapons program, which certainly can not be ruled out in view of North Korean behavior in the past, he may have succeeded in damaging the strategic partnership between the US and South Korea.

North Korea was the big victor in the summit between its leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump, an analyst said Wednesday.

GORDON: All right. Thank you.

Mr Pompeo has travelled to South Korea to brief the US's regional allies on the agreement, and on Mr Trump's surprise announcement that he was ending the routine US-South Korea military drills which have so angered North Korea. "Once they have missiles that can deliver them to use, I would liken it to past presidents sitting down with Soviet dictators". No details of what those steps would be were given.

The summit in Singapore did mark a reduction in tensions - a sea change from last fall, when North Korea was conducting nuclear and missile tests and Trump and Kim were trading threats and insults that stoked fears of war.

There were worries, especially in Tokyo and Seoul, which have huge US military presences, about Trump agreeing to halt USA military exercises with South Korea, which the North has long claimed were invasion preparations. The two sides promised to hold follow-up negotiations.

President Donald Trump declared that North Korea no longer posed a nuclear threat, even though Kim Jong Un hasn't committed to a timetable for giving up his weapons.

Independent experts say the North could have enough fissile material for anywhere between about a dozen and 60 nuclear bombs. North Korea has long sought an end to the war games.

"While I am glad the president and Kim Jong Un were able to meet, it is hard to determine what of concrete nature has occurred", said Sen.

Speaking in South Korea, where he discussed the outcome of the summit, Secretary Pompeo said there was still "a great deal of work to do" with North Korea.

"We had pretty much finished, and I said, 'Would you do me a favor?"

"I have a very strong relationship with President Xi of China".

Geng said the meeting yielded positive achievements, which were important progress in promoting denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the political settlement process. He told his top advisers before going in that he wanted to see where the meeting would go, and in the end he felt Kim was being genuine so he was willing to wheel and deal.

"I am confident that we took a very good, significant step in Singapore", Pompeo told Moon on Thursday.

U.S. President Donald Trump this week agreed to halt joint U.S. "It wasn't in the agreement and sometimes things are said and walked back after talking to people at the Pentagon and other places".

"I think they are one of the great winners today", he said. The exercises are meant to ensure that South Korean and US troops are ready to respond to sudden North Korean aggression.

"Otto did not die in vain".

Understanding that the survival of the Kim regime has, for decades, relied on a credible nuclear deterrent, Trump hopes to offer it a comprehensive alternative: A fundamental shift in relations that will enrich his country and protect the Kim family.

U.S. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called the cost reasoning "ridiculous", telling CNN: "It's not a burden onto the American taxpayer to have a forward deployed force in South Korea".

Trump said he would "absolutely" invite Kim to visit the White House and is open to visiting Pyongyang, as well. "The world will see a major change".

Also, Abe could meet Kim in September in Russia's Far Eastern city of Vladivostok on the sidelines of an annual economic forum.

They first met Tuesday for about 40 minutes alone, except for their translators, before bringing in delegations from their respective sides for a working lunch.

The US stations 28,500 troops in South Korea to help protect it from its northern neighbor, which invaded in 1950 to try to reunify the peninsula by force.

  • Leroy Wright